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Tweet Tweet!

Another round of live-tweeting has come to an end – I have thoroughly enjoyed the selection of films.  They offered varying perspectives of what the future could look like, from cyberpunk AI filled worlds to providing realistic positive hope for the current climate state. A lot of these films had parallels drawn between them – these become less subtle as the weeks went on. A few things I found myself doing which helped me curate better quality tweets – 

  1. Researching the film and its context the night before – allowed for better multitasking
  2. Engaging in tweets with others – building upon their discussion, taking in their perspective
  3. Watching these movies with an open mind – I feel this was crucial to allow myself to become involved in the world in which the movie was envisioned.
  4. Some of the tweets received attention from outsiders (aka non- bcm), this was interesting…

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Self Reflection Commentary

Considering the duration between commenting (14th May) and reflecting upon them (2nd June), it allowed me to look at my comments with a fresh pair of eyes. I wanted to reflect on how I could’ve done better content-wise, as after looking over the marking guide I feel as though my comments were lacking. I’ve added some content that I think could’ve fit with comments in the reflection; 

  1. “The Fashion Forecast” 

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 3.53.04 pmScreen Shot 2020-06-04 at 3.53.14 pmMy comment focused on different avenues of what the future of fashion and online retail could look like. I wanted to contribute by recommending things I have an interest in. Fast fashion is an area of interest for anyone involved in the fashion industry. 

I actually went back and added another comment as something of interest came to my attention. At this point in time, the BLM movement is in full swing and protests are being held all over the…

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The Beta Future of Feminism


Welcome to the BETA Presentation!
I genuinely found myself in a rabbit whole of research when conducting my pitch, and that’s how you know there’s a genuine interest in my chosen DA topic! I also really struggled to fit everything in 4 minutes which at first felt like all the time in the world, but the more I researched the more I had to narrow down what I was doing. Ultimately I couldn’t choose between pop culture opinion leaders and the array of James Cameron films on offer. They both offer insight into how variants of the future could look in different forms. I am excited to see this unfold! I’ve really felt myself commit to this topic and noticed a difference in my efforts between the beta and the original pitch improve 10 fold. I really focused on my feedback to help my project takes its course in…

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Who Said Women Were Good At Multi-tasking?

Live Tweeting is a skill I hadn’t quite indulged in before this subject. Straight off the bat, there are a few things I learned and had to adapt quickly to. Twitter’s 140 character limit is the devil for people like me to like to ramble, but it allows for quick to the point information. That in itself is a skill. It teaches you how to be a strong, concise writer.

Watching a movie for the first time (most of them anyway) and tweeting your thoughts can be difficult, hence why some pre-research is recommended – I definitely feel my tweets reflected this. The weeks I knew more about the movie we were watching my tweets were stronger and more relevant which therefore led to more engagement. It can be hard to stay focused on writing a tweet whilst keeping up with the movie.

Here we have tweets, comments, and retweets…

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The Future Is Now: Self Reflection

Upon reviewing the cohorts blog posts, I felt my own blog post could’ve been articulated a lot better, in terms of including a timeline, potential topics, and more elaborate plan. Although at first, I felt the mark I received wasn’t great it definitely reflected my efforts, and I absolutely see where I can improve to achieve the mark I want. A lot of important context was missing from my blog post and as a result, I lost marks. 
Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 9.41.59 am.png

  1. Graces post was about how she wants to help small businesses keep their social media running in the crazy times of today. She had a clear plan, timeline and audience. She utilised examples from other businesses who do social media well. My comment centred around the importance of adapting to the future of now and the everchanging pandemic, which some businesses have done well and as a result, business is booming. Since…

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What does the future of feminism look like?

For my digital artifact, I intend to create a series of blog styles essays which explore feminist protagonists and themes from different kinds of films, shows, and media alike, from the past, present and then continue to analyse how these could potentially contribute to feminist representation in the future. Placing a focus on theories that include feminist themes including but not limited to gender inequality, sexuality, race, economics, and reproduction. 

Whilst there are many genres that consider feminism, science fiction has been an important contributor to feminist constructs. So what are the basic feminist constructs and what does a modern-day feminist look like?

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