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putting the “art” in “artefact – UOW Visual Arts Society DA

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Contextual Essay

My digital artefact’s future focus is considering the short-term future of the UOW Visual Arts Society by developing the club’s online social media presence and a marketing guideline for the utility of passing it on the elected marketing manager at the end of the year.

DA Links

Brand Socials






Marketing guideline document

Social Utility

My aim is to ensure successful change over and maintenance of a strong club brand to ensure the club’s survival past my graduation. This survival will lead to the club providing opportunity for visual arts culture to be preserved on campus.

Future focus questions:

How can I use social media platforms to recruit and engage club members?

And how can I develop a consistent social media brand that can be passed on to future executives to ensure club survival?

Background Research

My background…

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pass the popcorn – live-tweeting part two

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Following the goals I set for myself and the feedback I received from the first part of my live-tweeting reflection, I focussed on the following for the rest of my live-tweeting sessions:

  • use different types of media in tweets to boost visibility and engagement eg. images, polls, gifs, links
  • encourage engagement by asking follow up questions in tweets
  • include subject content in some of my tweets to help frame my understanding of the screenings, achieving this by preparing for screenings with background research using the following schedule:

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you’re doing amazing, sweetie – peer beta commentary

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Following the feedback I received from the first part of this assessment, I looked forward to using my improved understanding of subject material through my live-tweeting to encourage my peers to continue their future focus in their own digital artefacts. Feedback from Meg also mentioned I did a good job of providing useful resources and constructive criticism, which I continued doing in these comments. Additionally, I noticed that I was able to maintain the ability to use my own experience of researching similar topics in past BCM subjects to discuss the peer’s own project. This felt rewarding as this being my final BCM subject, it proves how valuable and applicable BCM subject content is to a large range of projects.

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feeling beta than ever – UOW Visual Arts Society DA

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DA Links:

UOW Visual Arts Society







Marketing Plan


Contextual Essay

Due to my founding presidency of the UOW Visual Arts Society – my digital artefact rapidly evolved into the management of the club’s digital marketing.

My DA’s future focus is based on the short-term future, asking two questions:

  1. How can I use social media platforms to recruit and engage club members?
  2. How can I develop a consistent social media brand that can be passed on to future executives to ensure club survival?

The first part of my prototyping was adjusting to the process of content creation for the club. I am now utilising what I have learned, and the mistakes I have made, to begin producing a marketing plan / guideline to pass on to future executives following my graduation at the end of the year. This marketing plan will be the final…

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reflection or multi-tasking critique? – live-tweeting reflection

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Live-tweeting has been a fun and unique learning experience which challenges the way I think about media consumption, the act of multitasking and how we analyse texts to discuss larger issues. Upon reflection of the first five weeks of live-tweeting, I want to start considering what I can do to develop my process and create more engaging content.

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you can put that crystal ball down now – pitch peer commentary

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Crystal Ball Halloween Sticker By Moli Fernyx

By applying the knowledge I have developed through the weekly lectures and screenings, I have begun to form a foundational understanding of how we can use media to predict the future. At last, I can put my crystal ball down.

Through the development of my own digital artefact and after viewing my peers’ pitches, it is fascinating to see the wide range of themes and topics we can predict the future of. Commenting on my peers’ pitches allowed me to draw comparisons and consider new aspects of future studies.

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Is productivity-improving technology making us less productive? Digital Artefact Pitch

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Contextual essay

My proposed Digital Artefact will engage audiences asTiktok users have a rising interest in educational videos, called “micro-learning” as the editing tools and creative freedom Tiktok provides its creators makes educational content “engaging and fun.” (Iqbal 2020) Similar content is found on YouTube, but the longer format will allow for me to dive deeper into the Paradox of Choice and tie this research together with relevant elements to my own life, as well as audiences.

I am anticipating that the advancement of communication technology as discussed in lectures will increase the issues raised by the paradox of choice, and my predictions will highlight the “technology-aided desire and technology-riven anxiety” Csicsery-Ronay identifies as a common element of science fiction film (2008).

Production timeline

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