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According to Gamer Dad – A new direction for a post uni me

According to Jason

This session at uni has been a strange one, mainly because I know it will be my last. In a way it’s ironic that Future Cultures has really made me consider where I am now and what I want to be doing with myself going forward. Originally I pitched a digital artefact where I would discuss the future direction of games and gaming, culminating in a video essay but that idea even bored me. After recieving very little critical feedback from my peers on pitch I was even less excited to pursue the concept. Instead, I began to think about what I actually wanted to do and decided to revive an old idea I had. Allow me to reintroduce According to Gamer Dad, my blog for all things gaming and hobbying.

Starting in late April, I have posted daily and currently have 27 articles available to browse. Rather than…

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More Multitasking… Great Success?

According to Jason

It’s that time again, lets have a look at my live tweeting over the past few weeks and see if I improved:

Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank provided me with a great opportunity to tweet about my personal experieces in using technology to enhance the lives of elderly people. The PARO robot and transportations robots I used worked really well and my clients were more receptive than Frank to the robotic companions however, the costs of this technology were prohibitavely expensive to the not-for-profits that I have worked for. I enjoyed being able to apply my own real world learning to the text this week.

This week also provided me with an opportunity to think about the current framing of robots in our present society. As stated in my tweet above, the word robot has roots in Czech and means “slave”. When we talk about robotics and robots now…

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Multitasking is not my Strong Suit

According to Jason

For the TL;DR version here is a short video outlining my progress:

It seems easy enough, contribute to a class wide conversation while trying to watch a sci fi movie you either have never seen before or saw it during your film nerd phase fifteen years ago. In reality it’s juggling thinking of my own ways to start a conversation plus reply to half a dozen interesting conversations that are all going on simultaneously AND keep up with the damn movie so your comments are current and relevant to others watching. I’m exhausted just writing that! Anyway, I’m going to spend some time today looking over my efforts from the past five weeks to see how I did.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Probably not the strongest start, it looks like I gave up on thought provoking and factual content pretty early and reverted back to low key sarcasm and bad…

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Reflections on my Future of Play Pitch

According to Jason

I spent some time this afternoon reviewing the Digital Artifac pitches of some of my peers. This is usually my least favourite part of these projects but thankfully there were some really interesting ideas on offer this time around. The three projects I looked at were Shayla’s Future of Netball, Corey’s Our Planet and Georgie’s take on the Future of Crochet and Mental Health. These pitches were all interesting takes on the theme of the future and I’m keen to follow them going forward this year.

Shayla’s project closely mirrors my own in terms of trajectory and level of content to be produced so it was a relief to see her timeline matched what I had planned out for myself. Reading through the planned DA for the end of session also cemented my choice of video essay, I feel like that is a good fit for the subject…

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The Future of Play BCM 325 Pitch

According to Jason

I really like tabletop games, there is something about the tactile nature of the medium that creates a play experience like no other. For my Digital Artefact, I would like to explore the future of the Tabletop game medium. Below is my short pitch on how I would liek to achieve this:

I am excited to explore where tabletop games are heading from funding through to design, production and actually playing the final product. For a quick summary, here are the topics that I want to cover in my research:
Is Crowdfunding still the Future for Niche Tabletop Games?
How is Technology Changing the way Games are Designed?
Is the Production of Tabletop Games Viable/ Sustainable?
How will Tabletop Games be played in the Future?

Once the initial four blog posts are done I will be producing a video essay that presents my findings in a structured way and make…

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