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Twitter Contributions in BCM325 and Reflection.


Adrian Suljanovic – 2018

During the first 8 weeks of BCM325, our class sat through screenings of one film each week with the theme of the relationship that human beings have with technology as that technology advances and changes. One overall theme or moral that I have found that these films try to convey to people is that our relationship with technology, while wonderful, can ultimately lead to a downfall of humanity if we are not careful with where we draw the line between this relationship. This, I found, is a very common trope in the cyberpunk genre.

During these screenings, we were asked to live tweet our immediate thoughts and feelings about the film we were watching and to comment on what the film was trying to portray to its audience.

What I have learnt/Reflection

Looking back on the twitter posts and the overall tropes of the films that…

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Describing Digital Microcultures: Part 2


In my last blog I gave some background and insight into the world of musical microcultures and offered a brief understanding of the microcultures I will be speaking about specifically in this blog. As a reminder, I spoke about genres such as vaporwave, seapunk, chiptune, synthwave, and harsh noise and the culture within them. This blog will be focusing purely on vaporwave and harsh noise. The reason behind this is that there is a lot of similarities between the two genres in terms of culture and production, but the music and the scenes themselves are polar opposites. The common ground among these genres is that they both utilise or manipulate technology in some way to produce their product, separating them from conventional ways of songwriting e.g. guitar, bass, drum and vocals. This unorthodox way of producing music has allowed each genre to gain its own cult followings or fanbases and…

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Digital Microcultures: Exploring the Creation of Digital Music and their Scenes.


Adrian Suljanovic, 2018


My independent research topic will be looking into the digital microcultures of various music scenes. This research will focus on the creation of digital music genres such as chiptune, vaporwave, seapunk, and synthwave as well as more abrasive genres such as harsh noise and its sub-genres. Along with the exploration of the musical aspects of the genres, this blog will be dedicated to investigating the culture surrounding these genres in terms of popularity and accessibility, fashion and aesthetics, distribution of content, and online fad phenomenons related to the genres.

The purpose of looking into these digital microcultures is to provide an in depth analysis of the digital music scene, what makes them similar, what makes them different and how they ultimately sit on the outskirts of the modern electronic music world.

Describing Microcultures and their emergence in the age of the Internet

The Internet has become…

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