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BCM325 – Future Cultures DA Contextual Essay + Final Project



My digital artefact discusses the various media paradigm shifts in the context of celebrities and how they present themselves. It links to four topics within the paradigm shifts: representational media, presentational media, intercommunication and the future of celebrity presentation of the self. The history of celebrity presentation has been weaved into these topics so a separate subtopic for that wasn’t necessary.


Instead of creating informative, WordPress blog posts for my artefact, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create a YouTube video utilising audio-visual means. I created a written script, used the app Voice Memos to record the script, assembled together photos and videos relevant to the information I spoke about and used iMovie to put together the audio and visual material together. To make the artefact engaging, instead of just recording an audio, I thought that accompanying it with photos and videos would be…

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Future Cultures Live Tweeting Self-Reflection (Round 2)


During weeks 6-12, there were various films which were covered that focused on multiple sub-topics on futurism. These were: Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix, Frank and Robot, Blade Runner 2045, Ready Player One, Alita Battle Angel and 2040. Out of these, I throughly enjoyed tweeting about Ready Player One and Ghost in the Shell as my engagement was at its peak and I was curating many tweets during that session.

In this blog, I will review my replies, interactions, favourites, retweets and tweets throughout this second round of live tweeting. These will only include highlights and not every piece of engagement that I did. I will offer a critical self-reflection on my learning, engagement and contribution and detail about the lessons I learned along the way.


This tweet that I posted was the highlight from week 6 as it received quite a lot…

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Future Cultures DA Pitch



For my digital artefact, I would like to focus my attention on the presentation of the self, linking it to celebrities in particular. Not only will I be examining how the pre-internet era of presentation of celebrities looked like but how it may look like in the future. To make my topic easier to understand, I will be dividing it up into various sub-topics.

The purpose of my digital artefact is to inform individuals the changes that have occurred in the presentation of the self and what potential changes may be in store. To make the posts interesting and supported with evidence, photographs and videos will be included to avoid it being too wordy and informative.


Since my artefact will be informtion-based, utilising WordPress was the best option and sticking to one platform would do. Since WordPress offers embedding and such, I can take advantage of that and…

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