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Live Tweet Summary: The Twitter End

Alana Smith

Week 6: Ghost in the Shell (1995)


This week we live-tweeted Ghost in the Shell (1995). This was the week after the previous tweet summary was due and I actually spent quite a bit of time preparing my tweets for this week. I really like this quote by director Mamoru Oshii “Humans are by nature unable to live in anything but a virtual world, and it will never be possible to prove that one’s own reality is the same as another person’s”. I think this tweet really highlighted one of the key takeaways for this film in that it demonstrates the intrinsically linked nature of virtual vs. reality. In retrospect I definitely could have linked more explicitly to some of the lecture themes for this week.

Week 7: The Matrix (1999)


In week 8 we live-tweeted The Matrix (1999). This is one of the few films I had actually seen…

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BCM325: Beta Presentation Comments

Alana Smith

Once again, I was thoroughly impressed with the high quality of work that I saw from my fellow classmates in BCM325.

DA 1: Bianca Lalanne Rousselet – The Representation of the Future in Black Mirror

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9.22.28 pm

Bianca’s DA is focusing on the representation of the future in Black Mirror. I found her concept to be really interesting, especially as many of us in BCM325 have watched Black Mirror and are familiar with the concepts it plays with in regards to the future of technology and society. I suggested a few articles for Bianca as I think they would be helpful to her DA and will help her to analyse what potential futures the particular episodes of Black Mirror are predicting. I also mentioned that she could use twitter as a platform to receive more feedback as there is an audience for Black Mirror there.

If I was able to give feedback…

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BCM325: The Future of Care Work Beta

Alana Smith

My digital artefact has remained largely unchanged in the ideas and function it is aiming to serve. I am still building a speculative DA focusing on the future of care work in the next 10 years (specifically aged care) and will still be uploading 3 different podcasts to a website that collates and serves as a platform for the podcasts to be located centrally. The three topics I am focusing are still:

1) The state of care work today

2) The technologies that have already been developed

3) The future of care work.

As mentioned in my video, I have had to adapt my original plan to have my website function as a place that holds additional information as well as the podcasts. The website now functions purely as a place to locate the podcasts and transcripts. This change was made in response to feedback suggesting that I was making…

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BCM325: Tweeting as an assessment? Yes please.

Alana Smith

For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of BCM325 so far has been the live tweeting of films every week. I think it allows me to not only think critically about the lecture content of that week but also to enjoy films that I may not have necessarily decided to watch outside of a university setting. Whilst I have had to live tweet for previous BCM subjects in the past, this by far has been the most engaging and interesting round of live tweeting for me.

Week 1 – Metropolis (1927)

The first week of tweeting focused on Metropolis (1927). This week I really tried hard to research facts and interesting information to share in my tweets and my most successful tweet for that week was a result of that. Although a few of my tweets received quite a few likes they did not engage my followers and did…

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BCM325 Pitch Presentation Comments

Alana Smith

I was super impressed by the high standard and original concepts my fellow classmates are pursuing for their digital artefacts. I genuinely enjoyed watching and reading about what they have planned and the reasoning behind their concepts.

The three people I gave feedback to were:

  1. Jack Ridoutt – The Future of CGI
  2. Saxon Phillips – The Future of Music: An Analysis of Predictions, Technology and Innovations
  3. Emma Pazarkoski – Adonis: The Future of Gaming

Jack Ridoutt – The Future of CGI 

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 7.59.43 pm

I found Jack’s DA concept to be quite a unique approach to the DA assessment.

One of the main points of feedback I mentioned in my comment that it would perhaps be insightful to delve into the history of CGI itself to give some context as to how it has progressed through the years to where it is today and to look at what constitutes the ‘good’ vs. the…

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The Future of Care Work – Digital Artefact Pitch

Alana Smith

This digital artefact will function as a way to speculate and provide information on where the future of care work is headed in the next 10 or so years. I have actually undertaken research on care work in a past International Studies capstone subject where I produced a major research paper on the subject of the commodification of care work. This is why I have chosen care work as the focus of my DA.

The future of care work is something that I believe needs to be talked about and discussed more as in some form or another we are all going to be affected by the many issues affecting this industry within our lifetime – be it having to put a parent or grandparent into a nursing home, a child into daycare or having to make a sacrifice and deciding to undertake the role of care provider yourself.

My DA…

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