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The Future of Shopping – Contextual Essay

Ally vs the Universe

In BCM325, I have been researching the impact that Augmented Reality technology will have on the online shopping industry over the next 5 – 25 years. This was done in the form of a three part video essay series which went into detail about the short, medium and long term effects. For those who are coming into my project late, my pitch from earlier on in the semester goes into detail about my project’s concept, methodology, background research, utility, and overall trajectory. But here is a slightly updated version due to changes of direction in my research.

Project Outline:

Project Timeline:

I also created a gantt chart in the early stages of this DA. I would say that my timeline was achievable as I was able to hit all my targets with deadlines.

Peer Feedback:

I also took on board a lot of peer feedback…

Here my peer recommended…

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The Future of Shopping – DA

Ally vs the Universe

I have conducted a 3 part video essay series, exploring the impact AR technology will have on the shopping industry within the next 5-25 years.

Part 1:

Part 1 explored the short term effects including the evolution of the shopping industry and how AR technology is assisting in this change, more rapidly due to covid.

Part 2:

Part 2 explored the medium term effects such as the increase in adoption of AR technology, decrease in brick-and-mortar stores and possible implications of AR.

Part 3:

Part 3 explored the long term effects, including the possibility that brick-and-mortar stores become extinct and the limitless and unknown possibilities that the future of AR technology holds.

As a whole, this video essay series explored possible predictions and outcomes that the future may hold for the evolution of the shopping industry, with the assistance of AR.

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The Final Tweet:

Ally vs the Universe

My Live Tweeting Process:

After a 2 week break from live tweeting, I was able to critically reflect on my past work to grasp my strengths and weaknesses. And let me tell you, there were quite a few weaknesses. The main ones being a lack of tweet preparation prior to the screening and a lack of academic material in my tweeting summary.

I took advice from my previous live tweeting results and decided to pre-generate tweets the night before a screening Here’s a quick podcast, describing how the process went…

Overall, I think my new and improved process of pre-planning my tweets was much more beneficial for me.

The Screenings:

Over the course of the past few weeks, the films explored topics such as: cybernetics, artificial intelligence and future cultures. Through these films, I began to draw connections between the portrayal of the future in films and connections to ourselves…

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Lemme Tweet About it

Ally vs the Universe

Before you begin looking at my live tweets, feel free to listen to my brief podcast summarising my live tweeting experience!

2001: A Space Odyssey

At first I struggled to really link what was happening in the movies with the course content, nor did I engage in much conversation with others. I was just having too much fun making jokes about the movies.

However I did begin to see a strong connection to the future in this film. This is emphasised in my tweet where I am comparing siri, a modern digital assistant to Hal, a technological advancement that was so foreign during the 60s when the film was made.

I also found it quite ironic that such an old film was able to adapt and relate to us today through space odyssey merchandise catered to the pandemic.

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Tutor For The Day: Peer Feedback

Ally vs the Universe

Above is my Peer Review Summary. Scroll to the bottom of this blog post to see the entire peer review!

What did you learn from engaging in the process?

Conducting peer reviews has taught me how to see the good and creativity in my peers’ work. I enjoyed highlighting some things I liked about their DA, before adding constructive feedback.

In past peer feedback tasks, I have just told peers they are lacking in areas, but I learnt that rather than simply telling them they needed to expand in an area I can offer them extra guidance. I did so by providing an additional relevant source and where possible I would find a way to link something in their pitch to course materials and readings. An example of this is in my feedback to Mel, where I put forward Wendell Bell’s Nine Major Purposes when Mel mentioned looking back…

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BCM325 Pitch – The Future of Online Shopping Through Augmented Reality

Ally vs the Universe

Background Research:

My DA will be exploring the past, present and future of online shopping through the current trend of AR technology. In doing so, I will be making short-medium term predictions based on existing research of AR technology.

Augmented Reality is an uprising business technique that uses the overlaying of sensory stimuli such as auditory and visuals, to deliver a real-world experience via technology (Hayes, A 2020) .

AR is currently being used today in the e-commerce industry, to give consumers a more realistic visualisation of products before purchasing them online. Current examples of this technology in use include Ikea allowing users to test furniture in a desired location in real-time, through the use of their mobile phone combined with AR technology. The app is able to scale products to size based on the room dimensions and has a 98% accuracy rate. (Ayoubi, A 2017) .

IKEA Launches Augmented…

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