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Alex Fisher

The following blog posts contain:

1. Links to Pitch and Beta videos

2. A brief summary of how you approached the Future Culture DA Challenge including links to research informing the DA, such as relevant news media, background information, and academic texts, and scholarly sources

3. A brief summary of how you are drawing on relevant concepts and ideas from the subject lecture to inform your DA

4. Evidence of engagement with a public audience and social utility

5. Evidence of continual progression and refinement over the course of the semester, including a timeline of key contributions and progress

6. Conclusion detailing how the DA could evolve and change in the future. Where an artifact is developed by

Pitch Link:

Beta Link:

Summary of DA and links to sources

I wanted to approach this digital artifact with an open mind and choose a digital artifact topic that I…

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Virtual Reality Becomes Reality!

Alex Fisher

The concept of VR (virtual reality) still amazes me to this day. To be able to put on a headset and feel like you are amused in a video game, movie or even sporting evets is incredible. The term virtual reality was first noted in the early 80’s by computer scientist and visual artist, Jaron Lanier (Moore 2021). “Lanier was referring to an environment that can translate information into a visual simulation, that the human body can move through, without moving” (Moore 2021). In this blog, I will dive into the possibilities that virtual reality has to offer, what has already be done, where it will be at in the near future and how it relates to future cultures concepts.

The future is now, especially in regard to virtual reality. Virtual reality has advanced quite a bit in recent years. Initially, virtual reality was thought to be developed for mainly…

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My Live Tweet Progression! Week 6-10 Screenings

Alex Fisher

We are in the final weeks of the Autumn session, 2021. Throughout this semester, we have had the task of live-tweeting every Thursday on a different screening. As the semester has progressed, I have worked on improving my live-tweeting in relation to lecture content, relation to my digital artifact, and my consistent engagement with my BCM325 peers. I thoroughly enjoyed the screenings in the second half of this semester and believe my live tweeting has improved immensely.

Week 6 – Blade Runner 2049

Our week 6 film was Blade Runner 2049, the long awaited sequel to our week 4 screening Blade Runner. I enjoyed the second installment of the Blade Runner series more than the first and found it easier to relate to my digital artifact.

As stated above, I worked on improving my live tweets in relation to my digital artifact. The scene below shows Elvis Presley as a…

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Beauty Trends, Future Career & Reddit Forum Posting!

Alex Fisher

Part 2 of assessment one required me to post three more comments on my fellow BCM325 student’s beta presentations. My three comments were on different student’s digital artifacts so, it was great to see three different digital artifacts and the progression they have made throughout this semester. For each comment, I intended on leaving constructive feedback that each student can take into consideration for their final steps in completing their digital artifact.

Comment one – Serena Sorrentino (The Future of Beauty Trends)

Overview of beta
Serena’s beta video detailed the progress she has made so far on her digital artifact around ‘the future of beauty trends’. Serena, after gathering feedback from her peers and tutor decided to focus on specific areas of beauty trends rather than as a whole which will result in a more engaging digital artifact.

Content Summary:
Serena took on all feedback and this resulted in her…

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Four Weeks To Go! Beta Presentation & Digital Artifact Progress

Alex Fisher

Throughout my beta presentation, I explore the aspects of my digital artifact and explain what I have and what I intend on creating in the near future. My digital artifact is split into three seperate parts:

Blog Post 1 – Live streaming (500 words)

Blog Post 2 – Virtual reality (500 words)

Podcast – Conclusion and wrap up (10 minute)

I intend on creating an engaging digital artifact with captivating concepts in regard to the future of live music, five years from now. I hope to recvie constructive feedback from my beta presentation which I then can apply to my second blog post and final podcast.

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Memes, Memes and More Memes

Alex Fisher

It’s week 5 already! That’s right, week 5! Five weeks in and I am still trying to learn and discover the best way to live tweet during each screening. During my first five weeks, I have observed myself, fellow students and have begun to see some recurring traits. From what I have seen, memes seem to be the posts that receive the most engagement followed by the notion of dystopian films, which each film has touched on so far. Tweets about articles on the films seem to gather the least amount of engagement.

WEEK 1 – Metropolis

The first week of the semester saw us analysing the 1927 silent film Metropolis. This was the first time I had ever live tweeted and I believe I received positive interactions in my first week. Being a silent film, it was hard to utilize aspects such as sound and dialogue between characters.

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Climate change, the future of beauty and David freckin Bowie! What my peers have been cooking

Alex Fisher

As a requirement of our first assessment, we had to comment on three fellow students’ pitches. My intention was to leave constructive feedback and offer potential sources that would strengthen their work.

Comment One – All things beauty (Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine) 

Caitlyn’s blog is focusing on exploring the future of beauty and how this will impact a wide range of individuals. Caitlyn intends on creating a series of 4 blog posts, each one looking at a different aspect of the future of beauty.

Content Summary:

  • Caitlyn stated she wants to analyse four different areas of the future of beauty. I suggested she could use each blog to analyse a different topic
  • In her pitch, Caitlyn did not specify how far into the future she wanted to look at. I suggested she should narrow it down to a specific time and focus on that to get the most out of…

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The Future of Live Music

Alex Fisher

My digital artifact will consist of three, 15-20 minute long podcasts. Each episode will see me and special guests discussing live music events and elaborating on a wide range of issues concerning the next five years. Through-out my podcast series I will examine multiple aspects that I believe will come into play in the near future. This includes the use of VR systems, which companies have already begun to utilize (Chidekel 2021), live streaming events online giving fans an option to watch events from home (Identity 2021) and multiple concepts from lecture content. See below my project timeline for my digital artifact.


Chidekel, D 2021, ‘The Future Of Live Events: AR, VR, And Advertising’, Forbes, weblog post, 9 February, viewed 18 March 2021, <>.

Identity 2021, The future of live events – what does it look like?, Identity, viewed 18 March 2021, <>.

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