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Live Tweeting Summary – BCM325

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As we move towards the end of the semester, we see more assignments and blog posts put up. I’m providing an update for my BCM325 live tweeting. If you happen to have a twitter account, you may even see the BCM325 hashtag trending – with a lot of posts about various films related to our topic. We watch one live screening each week with live tweets and interactions with fellow students in the subject. Here, I will be looking at some of my recent ones since my last blog which took us up to week 5.

WEEK 6 – Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 was definitely an interesting week. As explored in my last blog post, we also looked at the original. So, to look at a sequel made a few years later was interesting to compare and connect with films with one another.

Whilst watching the film, I…

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BETA Reflections and Comments

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Once again, another term draws close to an end. Once again – much similar to an earlier post, we are doing a check up on a few of my peers and where they are at with their BCM325 DA through their Beta videos! Overall, I commented on 3 different blogs that were assigned to me, and I gave them some feedback on their work so far and their DA topics.

1st Blog – Elissa Rhodes

“Hi Elissa!

Much like some of your initial feedback, I do not know too much about sport technology either, but I enjoyed watching your Beta presentation & am interested to see where your digital artefact leads too. Beginning your video by acknowledging that you had to change the take that your digital artefact was heading is really important – I had to do this for my own also! Recognising that you were not as…

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Future Depictions of AI in our Poplar Culture – BCM325 DA Beta

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Creating my DA for BCM325 has been interesting so far. First of all, lets begin by revisiting my initial DA topic. I was exploring Artificial Intelligence in our society through blog posts on my WordPress website. However, I found that exploring media such as film and games, was not engaging to readers or myself. I wanted to try the use of a TikTok account.

TikTok has always had a significant potential for ‘trending’ videos and seems to grow every day. The whole idea behind TikTok however, is to keep the content short to that audiences do not have to pay attention for longer than 1 minute – even then, it’s a blessing to have someone stay engaged with a video for more than 30 seconds. So, I also found it difficult to create content that was engaging, yet also that explored my topic in an in depth manner. Therefore, I…

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BCM325 Live Tweeting Summary!

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If you are ever a BCM student at UOW and you keep a regular eye on your feed, I can promise, you have definitely seen the tag #BCM325 multiple times. In fact, you’ve probably seen it a million times all at once, on the same day, and do they only seem to be talking about movies? Yes. That is correct. In BCM325 we have been asked to participate in weekly screenings of films that are relevant to our topic of Future Cultures. When we watch these live screenings, we are required to live tweet throughout the film, being original tweets, but also interacting with fellow classmates watching the movie – almost encouraging conversation relevant to the film. So in this blog post, I will be looking at some of my key tweets and considering how I could improve from those.

Before I begin doing a week by week breakdown, I…

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Where Are We Up Too?

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Another week goes by in the land of University. For this weeks post, we are doing an assignment for BCM325, we are checking in on our peers and seeing what their DA topics are, and how they went with their pitch! Providing feedback in the comments was one of the requirements, but either way it is good to support my peers work and see how they are going with the class work!

1st Comment –

Josephine was looking into women and their roles in leadership. I find this topic incredibly interesting, not only because I am a woman myself, but because how relevant it is in our modern day society. Josephine makes reference to the course content and has a nice outline for how she hopes to proceed with her DA. I suggested some examples that Josephine can at specifically in terms of women in leaderships roles such as…

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Popular Culture & it’s Prediction of Artificial Intelligence in the Future

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Behold another BCM Digital Artefact pitch! For BCM325 we are exploring future cultures and are required to make a DA that explores our future in the next 5/10/15 years etc.

I am keen to explore how our popular culture has portrayed Artificial Intelligence. Majority of our perceptions of AI has already been shaped by pop culture, because in the current day, complete AI is something that doesn’t exist. But majority of the time, pop culture limits the stereotype of AI in a negative perception. Turning on the creator (being humans) and more often than not – wanting to have rule over humans.

As explored in the video, I will hope to publish 3 short research pieces with the history of AI in popular culture with examples, and explore other research done on the topic. I will then translate this research into relevant and short videos to be published on my…

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