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Digital Artefact Report

Allanah Johnson

Take a minute to look outside at the beautiful environment. You may be sitting in your office, at home or even outside. The environment surrounds us and provides us with so many benefits that some just aren’t aware of. There are so many walking tracks that we can participate in to become fitter, healthier, and to improve our health and wellbeing.  I have made it my mission in a Digital Artefact (DA) for BCM325 Future cultures to provide my audience with awesome tracks they can participate in to take advantage of the environment. These tracks are in and around the Sutherland Shire.

Campbell (2017) in TheRangeland Journal explains that it is vital to take care of Australian agriculture or there is a risk for the future. He explicates for the past four decades there has been transformative course in Australian-agriculture such as ecological restoration, revegetation and agroforestry as a…

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Live tweeting round two

Allanah Johnson

Hello and welcome to round two of tweeting engagements!

If you haven’t already be sure to give the first series of this blog a read!

There is unfortunately no more live screenings for Future Cultures this semester! Though, I have learnt what works and doesn’t with trying to create engaging tweets. For instance, short sharp to the point tweets. Tweets with images, gifs and strong language. Also, if you like more tweets you will receive more likes. I will use  these skills I have developed over the semester when posting on my twitter. Similarly, during this semester of live tweeting it has brought an audience of students together by networking and creating conversations. I also had learnt a lot on the films as I had embarrassingly enough, never seen any of them. Through reading and sharing opinions, articles and information shared this helped me further understand the content and…

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Reflective comments round two

Allanah Johnson

Hi and welcome to my blog! This week is round two of commenting and reflecting on my peers Digital Artefacts BETA projects. This is for my university subject BCM325 Future Cultures.

In case you haven’t heart of a digital artefact before, a digital artefact is any type of item produced and stored as digital/electronic version. Examples of digital artefacts include digital documents, presentations, programmes and codes, video and audio files, images and photographs and the like.

It is significant to comment and provide feedback to other students BETAs. It will help students determine whether they are achieving their goals, what they are doing well and areas that need improvement. Also, by doing viewing other students projects we are connecting on an educational basis

I have commented on three students BETA blogs. Travis Matterson, Georgie Piccirilli and Guo Jiafeng. This experience has helped me learn more for my Digital Artefact.

I believe and…

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Digital Artefact Beta

Allanah Johnson

Hello everyone & welcome to my blog post,

I am going to share my BETA presentation that demonstrates an operational prototype of the DA pitch I have also shared on my blog, have a read!

I have followed my pitch idea of going on hikes and posting some relevant blogs with information and a video online. However, thanks to helpful comments on my pitch I am now reaching to a far larger audience then I originally was. I have made an Instagram account, post on FitBit communities, YouTube, Twitter and on my personal blog. I have formed an audience (not a huge audience, but the right audience!).

Watch the video below to find out more on how my DA is going!

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Commenting & reflecting

Allanah Johnson

Hey! Welcome to my blog.
Today I am sharing with you my contribution and feedback on comments I have made on other students Digital Artefact pitch’s in BCM325 Future Culture.

It is incredibly important to comment and provide feedback to blog posts. I believe this is because others can hear your thoughts and ideas on their topics, it is a way to connect with other students, and learn how to improve areas or what you have done well. It is also a way for viewers to gain ideas for their own work.

I commented on three students blogs – Lachlan Smith, Liam Porret and Amanda Bustos. I learnt new things from their posts and I hope my contribution is useful for them.

I provided all 3 students with a relevant and helpful links to articles that I had found. I praised what they did well, and made recommendations on things…

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Live tweeting self reflection

Allanah Johnson

Hey you!

I am going to share a detailed reflection of contributions to weekly live tweeting’s about film screenings in my university subject, Future Cultures. This task allowed me to engage in research, critically evaluate texts and engage in real time discussions on twitter, while watching a film – all at once!

Week one:
Film title: Metropolis (Lang, 1927).
Date of tweet: March 6th, 2019
Summary of best engagement:

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.33.35 pm.png

Week one was the first live screen tweeting  i had done. The film Metropolis is the first black and white, and silent film i have watched. I found it hard relating to the film and thus to post engaging tweets. However, i decided to post content that had a pop-culture reference. I compared one of the scenes to the game “Temple Run”. This was my best engagement with 30 likes and 3 retweets. It had a better response…

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Future Cultures DA Pitch

Allanah Johnson

Hello everyone! as part of my university subject BCM325 Future Culture i need to create a digital artefact!

My digital artefact is something that I am both interested and eager to do! It is  short videos of three hikes and walks i will participate in around the Sutherland Shire. It will include distance, step count, calories burnt etc.
This will be done through YouTube posts complemented with informative blog posts with further research into the lands I visit.
Its utility is to create awareness about the places to go, the importance of maintaining the environment, and exhibiting for future generations to see how the land once was. It will appeal to both the short and long term futures generations

Watch my YouTube video for more info on my pitch!

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