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Return of the Pitch Face: Have You Gotten Beta Yet?


This is my critical reflection of my comments of fellow #BCM325 student’s BETA videos:


Kiana’s DA is her Youtube Channel, where she posts videos relating to thing’s she likes and aims to have this develop into something business’ wish to sponsor, much like current social influencers. Within her video, she discussed how she struggled with the concept of the DA initially so I wanted to help her narrow down and find the futuristic concept she was hoping for. However, I feel as if my suggestions for her videos may have clashed a bit with her initial idea, in relation to the original content. Also considering the time frame we have this semester and I probably suggested too much. Although, given her desire to continue this I think I may have helped provide a different avenue for her thinking for the future. I also tried to ensure  I was positive.

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Tweet-y Bird Would Be Proud…. Live-Tweeting is Hard!


So here we are, the final weeks of #BCM325 and time to reflect on my live-tweeting efforts. I am proud of myself, I think over the course of the last 12 weeks I have really developed my critical evaluation skills of the movies and themes we have been watching.

I think this growth in my skills is evident through the higher engagement rates I have had since beginning of semester.

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Am I Doing BETA Than My Pitch?- BCM325 Coral Reef Follow-Up



Since developing my pitch, my appreciation for future technology has only grown. The amazing ways that 3D printing has assisted within the environment is beyond belief.

My short-term goals for finishing my DA are:

  • Completing four more prints: experimenting with size and gauging  time differences
  • My blog site will consist of three blogs:
  1. How 3D printing works and materials that are used
  2. Environmental impacts and alternatives used within 3D printing and other alternatives
  3. The current coral restoration projects occurring globally. Particularly continuing my research of Alex Goad’s Reef Design Lab as it is one of the largest 3D printing projects


(extending off BETA video list) 

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Reviewing and Reflecting: BCM325 Pitches Edition


This is a critical reflection of my comments on fellow BCM325 student’s DA pitches-


Koranith’s DA was about creating a Youtube reviewing channel about either cool gadgets or cars. I felt that Koranith needed to narrow down his DA as there was a lot left to the imagination about the direction of the DA. I tried to help with some ideas, as he had expressed interest in cars, in both the pitch and the contextual essay, I presented the notion of driverless cars. I wanted to build off his ideas whilst staying true to the core of the assessment with addressing the future. I feel I was helpful in providing both sides to a very current debate, that is definitely going to be a concern within the future. Although, I feel as if I may have led with one idea a bit much and perhaps could have provided…

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First World Problems of a Comms. Student: Watching Films, Being Deep and Live-Tweeting


Live tweeting was a foreign concept to me before enrolling in BCM325. Yes, I had used Twitter throughout the last couple of years at uni, but this was next level. I was concerned about how to watch the movie (particularly the one’s I hadn’t seen *cough* almost all *cough*), thinking critically on my own AND engage with fellow students all AT THE SAME TIME.

However, I feel started to build my confidence and began being able to create decent threads with other students and discussing on a deeper level.

The first week I started out with mostly weak, almost irrelevant comments on fellow students tweets, and mostly just posting facts with links, without truly engaging in the content myself (examples below). I was aware this was my first experience with live-tweeting so knew it wouldn’t be great first off but also recognised I need to critically think and engage to…

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DA: Coral Reef Rescue: Diving Deep into 3D Printing Alternatives

The audio seems to have become softer upon uploading to Youtube, if need be use subtitles or headphones! Sorry guys


^^ DA Video Pitch ^^

Environmental sustainability is a huge conversation within society right now. We are looking for methods to help save the planet and the future of society. There is so much damage to the world, we are looking for modern and technological options to help us in this time of need. 3D printing has become the latest technological option to assist. I will attempt to create my own coral reef prototype while researching different experiments into the various factors of this process.

Hopefully, with the help of this technology in 5,10,15 and 20 years’ time we will still have coral reefs!


Watkin, (2018), ‘3D Printing Supports Growth of Coral Reef Ecosystem in the Maldives’, ALL3DP,, viewed 21st March 2019

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