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The Live Tweeting Experience- PT1.


Each week for BCM325 we have been watching a film and live tweeting throughout. Live tweeting was very new to me and seemed quite daunting when the idea was first proposed. In order to be able to tweet and watch the film, I knew I had to organise and prepare myself. Before each film, I would spend some time understanding what the film is about and the general plot. Once I have gained a bit of an understanding, I conduct more research and find sources relating to the film. From there, I will then draft tweets and edit them as I proceed to watch the film and my understanding develops.

2001: A Space Odyssey

This method proved successful, especially during the live tweeting of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I had come up with about 6 draft tweets and another 4 were created during the viewing of the film as thoughts…

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The Commentary of Peer’s Pitches- PT1.


As I create my Digital Artefact, I am required to engage and involve myself in other students DA’s and their research topic in order to provide feedback. Below are my comments on 3 students DA Pitches.

Comment 1: Alicia -AR & VR Technology Changing The Way We ShopOnline

My first comment was on Alicia’s Digital Artefact Pitch. Alicia will be looking into the way VR and AR technology are changing the way we shop online. I first wanted to share the aspects of her pitch video she did well such as the overall presentation of the pitch and how she provided clear detail on her research topic and how she planned to execute it. Although the video audio was quite fast paced, it was great that she embedded her slides into her blog. I then shared a suggestion to try and engage more of an audience by publishing her…

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Where Art thou in Future?


The idea for my DA came to me as I had recently purchased tickets to the Monet and Friends Art exhibit. The exhibit takes the impressionists art that has been quietly observed around the world for almost 200 years, transforming it into a digital art experience that allows you to immerse yourself in an interactive, multi-sensory environment.

Virtual Realities (VR), Augmented Realities (AR) and animations of a traditional experience, are becoming increasingly popular due to the impacts of COVID. There have been developments such as Google Arts and Culture that allows individuals to become a virtual globetrotter and see exhibits, arts, and learning materials from over 1,200 thousand museums and galleries around the world (Owens, 2020).

Project Timeline

For my timeline, I have broken down the tasks over the next few weeks of the semester in order to develop my DA.

My Digital Artefact also takes into consideration the concept…

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