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Where Will We Be In 2070?

Amy Dunn

Climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity and the earth’s natural biodiversity, with the biggest contributor to climate change coming from humanity itself.

85% of people in Australia currently live within 50km of the coast as much of inland Australia is considered arid with harsh weather conditions and little to no access to natural resources.

However, with current predictions of rising sea levels, increased pressure from urbanisation and depletion of natural habitats, how much longer can we sustain our current living habits?

While we are already seeing the impacts of climate change in Australia it is important to think about how it will impact future generations and the ways in which they live. To better understand the future as a result of climate change it is important to at what’s already happening and to explore examples of imagined futures to better understand where and how people in Australia…

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The One Where I Comment On My Peers – pt. 2

Amy Dunn

The first beta video I commented on was Serena Sorrentino’s ‘The Future of Beauty’. Serena’s DA is looking at the future of beauty trends in the short, medium and long term. Since her initial pitch Serena has taken on board feedback from her pitch video and condensed her DA in to three blog posts with an audio piece to summarise all her content.

Feedback I gave

  • Good use of an existing audience to gain feedback and support findings in secondary research
  • Taking on board peer feedback and modifying her DA was the right decision
  • That I was unclear of the platform her summarising audio essay would be shared to

What I thought Serena’s DA was lacking for a clear link to the subject content, specifically to the weekly screening. To improve this I suggested she look at the ways beauty and makeup in the sci-fi genre have influenced real…

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The One Where I Comment on Myself pt.2

Amy Dunn

What I wanted to focus on after the last live tweeting blog was further linking my tweets to the weekly content rather that just to the overall subject topic, increase my peer engagement and relate the screenings to my digital artefact which is examining the future of living in Australia in 2070 as a result of climate change.

Blade Runner 2049

Week 6’s live screening was of ‘Blade Runner 2049’. My best tweets from this week were linking the film to the lecture and creating peer discussion on the need for off-world colonies through the use of a poll.

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Where Will We Be in 2070? Beta

Amy Dunn

One aspect of my digital artefact that I didn’t discuss in my video is the structure of the video essay itself, which is a significant factor as to why I decided to create 1 video instead of 3 like I originally intended.

As you can see in my draft script there is a lot of back and forth in my discussion of how climate change has affected and is predicted to affect temperatures, sea levels and weather events. To allow for a better flow of content I will be using these as primary talking points rather than going back and forth between talking about them in the past and the future.

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The One Where I Comment On My Peers pt.1

Amy Dunn

Comment 1

My first comment was on Caitlyn Du Buisson Perrine’s‘The Future of Beauty’ pitch. Caitlyn will be looking at the future of beauty by examining the future of makeup, fashion, cosmetic procedures and beauty standards in the short medium and long term. Her content will be published on her siteGirls Chat Space which she has used for previous digital artefacts.

Things I liked about Caitlyn pitch where that she is using an existing platform which means she will be able to get instant feedback from an existing audience rather than needing to build a new one and that she had good evidence of background research through the examples she gave.

Some suggestions I made to Caitlyn were to focus on either the short medium or long term rather than all three which. I also suggested that she narrow her focus to one element of beauty. By making…

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Ready, Set, Tweet Pt.1

Amy Dunn

While I have experience with live tweeting critically evaluating the media in a way that related to the subject is new to me. One of my biggest challenges while undertaking the weekly live tweeting has been relating my tweets to the subject content.


Week 1’s film was Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ which is a film that I have previously studied as part of my HSC. My tweets from this week largely focused on the technical aspects of the film as well as the main themes and influence in the media.

The main message the Lang is sharing in the film is that the working class should not be exploited to create the visions of the ruling class. My tweets from this week that gained the highest interactions where those that discussed the treatment of the actors in making the film and how it directly contradictions Lang’s message.

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Where Will We Be In 2070?

Amy Dunn

For my digital artefact I will be creating three video essays which will explore the future of living in Australia in 20 years as a result of climate change.

Background Research

  • The national coastal risk assessment which outlines the projected change in weather events over the next 100 years
  • A CSIRO report on how climate change will impact Australia A
  • 2015 article on climate change in Australia
  • Relevant media I have identified includes;

  • Stan’s ‘The Commons
  • ‘Mad Max: Fury Road
  • 2040
  • Timeline

    I aim to have my videos uploaded in weeks 6, 8 and 11 as this will allow me enough time to collect feedback to inform my future content.

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