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Let’s tweet again…

Amy Micallef

Welcome to part 2 of BCM 325 where we tweet whilst we watch movies!! I found in the second half of the semester, the more I watched the films the more I was able to fully understand and see how these movie inspire our future. It’s exciting but scary to think about the implications of technology in our modern world, in particular how it could create a dystopian world!

Week 6 – Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Blade Runner was a very interesting movie, at some moments it was a bit confusing. With this being in mind lets have a look at 2 tweets that did well this week as well as some that didn’t!

I retweeted a post from Lorena as she mentioned how the movie was inspired by the 2009 Sydney dust storm. As soon as she posted it, all I could think about was the 2019 /2020 bushfires…

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Wait…what did you say?: Peer Betas & Comments

Amy Micallef

The time has definitely come again where we reflect on our fellow BCM 325 peers and this time we are focusing on their BETAS.

In my beta video I discussed the progress I have already made so far and the progress I will make for the rest of the semester. You can view & read this hereso you are able to get an understanding of this, I focusing my digital artefact on my business and the future goals for it.

It’s always nice to reflect on others peoples work but I do so in a way that will actually help and allow them to benefit from. I definitely think comments tend to be simulated to the marking criteria and lifeless so I make sure I ask questions and provide honest feedback to my peers in this subject!

Without a further ado below are my beta comments for 3 students…

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The beta future of Beyond Branding

Amy Micallef

This semester for BCM 325 I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on Beyond Branding’s short, medium & long term goals which would lead up to the preparation and the development of a business plan for the business.

As I noted in my pitch I am focusing on 3 aspects to the digital artefact this being:

  1. Outsourcing a graphic designer: setting up interview to get to know who they are and to make sure they are a right fit for the business
  2. The creation of the Beyond Branding and Design podcast on short, medium and long term goals and;
  3. My Business Planwhich implements the goals & research I have done to help me develop the plan.

The Interviews:

Dayle Beazley & myself conducted the second round of interviews during week 8 where we spoke to a few more people as well as re-interviewing a few people with Dayle.


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The Perfect Duo: a Movie & Tweets

Amy Micallef

Who knew at Uni you could watch movies & tweet? I sure didn’t!

During the past few weeks of BCM 325, we have been analysing a wide range of sci-fi movies. During this time, we are required to live tweet during the movie providing any analyses, history & research each week. This blogpost will be a reflection of the best and worst tweets I had whilst I interacted with my #BCM325 cohort.

Week 1 – Metropolis (1927)


The dreaded silent-film…Metropolis was interesting to say the least to tweet about as it was silent I would miss a lot of things about it. Plus it was extremely long which made it hard to continuously think of tweets.

For the first week of live tweeting it felt like I was back in BCM 112, as fun as it is…wow did I forget how hard multitasking was! In saying this, I did interact…

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Uh oh…let’s reflect: Peer Pitches & Comments

Amy Micallef

It’s a perfect time to reflect on our fellow BCM 325 peers and their pitches for the future. If you want to have a look at what I discussed in my own pitch for this subject you can have a read here, I focused upon my business and the future goals I have.

From the beginning of my degree, we have always been asked to give feedback to various members in our subjects! I definitely think the more I do it the more natural the feedback is. My comments that I have made are written like how I would talk face to face with them, I don’t want to sound robotic or write a simulated comment for them.

Below I have included the 3 students that I commented on as well as a reflection on the comments as well. Also any feedback that you have on my comments, I…

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The future of Beyond Branding!

Amy Micallef

In creating and building a business, the entrepreneur assumes all the responsibilities for development and management, as well as the risks and rewards. Many businesses do not survive because business owners fail to develop an effective plan.

(Haag, 2013)

I am a Graphic & Brand Designer as well as the Managing Director of Beyond Branding! I assist my clients with their branding, logos, website design of their businesses. The journey of Beyond Branding has really been wonderful with:

  • Growing our social media
  • Being nominated and becoming a finalist for 2 Local Business Awards
  • We’ve had the opportunity to work with clients internationally
  • Recently celebrated the 1st birthday of Beyond Branding with the launch of our new website.

Throughout this semester I will be using this opportunity to expand, grow & elevate the future of Beyond Branding:

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