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The Live Tweets: Part 2

Live Tweets Part 2!



WK6: Ghost in the Shell (1995)

“By positing a world in which people merge with machines, Ghost in the Shell examines what makes us fundamentally human.”

Ghost in the Shell poses many questions surrounding “consciousness” and whether human-machine hybrids can possess consciousness. A topic we’ve discussed as well in the weekly lectures. In one of my tweets above I mention the title of the movie is actually borrowed from a book which raises more questions to this topic of “consciousness”, that is it apart from a biological process. Harrison posted a thought provoking tweet about “the eyes” and “future thinking” films which I found very fascinating. I too added to this conversation sharing a tweet about the main character, Major Kusanagi, she in fact does not blink during the film  making her appear “doll-like.”

It was interesting to see and recognise scenes from The Matrix through Ghost in the…

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Make It Beta- Reviewing My Peer Comments

Peer Commenting – Beta Presentations


Overall, I was really impressed by the beta digital artefacts my peers having been working really hard on. The feedback I’ve provided hopefully will be of use to them especially in finding an audience and being able to engage with them so that the great content they’re working so hard on doesn’t go unseen!

Peer 1: Saxon – The Future of Music

For Saxon’s DA he is in the process of making a video essay discussing the future of music. He mentioned some of the conflicting feedback received after pitching his DA idea and that he was going to be trialing making two different styles of video essays each with a different scope and focus. As much as this is good way of testing what works and what doesn’t, I pointed out in my comment that this may be a little too time consuming as he also mentions wanting to…

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Future Cultures: Project Beta

Project Beta


Pin on Time travel

The following video is an update of my work on my digital artefact titled “A Time Travel Through Time Travel”. In this update I explain some of the changes following some feedback from my peers and tutor. Before posting my first blog for this series I did some more research on the topic and observed online Reddit groups in relevant groups to my topic. I reached out on my own social media accounts to gain insights on time travel series and movies enjoyed by my followers so that my future blogs include examples that they are interested in. As mentioned in the video I also made a plan on my future two blog posts for the series. For a more in depth recount watch the video below:

*Note: Yes that is me talking in all recordings however after having surgery my voice has drastically changed 🙂

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Commenting on how the past commented on the future.


For the past weeks we have been taking a look at various films over the decades and analysing their depiction and representation of the future. Whilst collectively viewing these films we were asked to live comment and engage in conversation on Twitter. The following are a collection of some of my twitter highlights.

Week 1- Metropolis (1927)

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 12.22.21 pm.png

My initial response to viewing Metropolis was that I found it quite fascinating that there were so many biblical references and imagery represented. Personally when imagining the future, these traditional images and thoughts seem out of place and almost outdated. However,  Josh made a really good point that “both religion and sci fi are two ways of exploring the same unknown”. Paul made note that as the film was set in 1920s, Christianity was much more dominant, also a very good point.

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 12.31.10 pm.png

I had to retweet Josh’s post on the comparison and references…

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Future Cultures: Pitch Peer Commenting — ANTSLIFE

Peer 1- Julia Belikova: Social Media Hot Trends: Predictions or Reality? In her pitch, Julia explained she will be creating a video series DA looking into social media trends and future trends. Julia will be focusing on three trends for her series; 1.Video & Ephemeral content, 2. Influencer & Celebrity Marketing and 3. […]

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A Time Travel Through Time Travel: The Pitch



For this semesters future cultures digital artefact I plan on creating a series to look back on and compare the theme of “Time Travel” in television through the past 3-4 decades. I will be doing so either through blog post or a YouTube video series.

As I’m still uncertain whether I’d like to produce blogs or videos for this project, I definitely will need to experiment FEFO (Fail Early Fail Often) and really just see what works better as a platform for my content.


I began researching my topic and found there to be quite a lot of relevant information already existing out there. The following seemed to be most fitting for my topic and I plan on using them as a starting point when creating my blogs/videos.

  • “Now and Then We Time Travel” (2017), by Fraser A. Sherman which visiting pasts and futures in television
  • “Time Travel in Popular…

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