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BCM BLOG POST PART 2: Delving further into the Chaotic Neutral mindset


The elemental root of my Digital Artefact and the ideology I want to convey is that at our most basic level of technological endeavours there is always a degree of chaotic application to the invention process.

Because my Digital artefact revolves around more of a reoccurring ideology than a documented phenomenon, I have been researching more into the instances of Chaotic Neutral enterprising within existing cybernetic instances and properties rather than treat it as its own categorical place in Cyberculture.

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Humans have never been good at following instructions. Looking back at our history, a lot of technological and scientific advancements have been proceeded by an attitude and common theme of, “How ‘bout I do anyway?”- In other words, to view humanity, and subsequently our technological breakthroughs, is to look at a creative process that lands solidly within the Chaotic Neutral mindset.

We do things not for any other reason then we CAN do it, and we want to see HOW we can do it.

In more civilised terms, we call this ‘Innovation’.

Innovation is the push for creative meaning, for craft to have a purpose and come together to have a practical use, but to employ innovation you need the foundation of experimentation- which is where we can thank our weird monkey brains for throwing the mountains of conceptual spaghetti at the wall of problems until we had the components…

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