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Digital Artifact Contextual Report – Cybernetic Future (#bcm325)

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My digital artifact was based on the aspects of cybernetic implants, prosthetics and other similar technologies. Some of the weekly lectures and topics were able to inspire me to do a topic like this, as I have always been curious about such technology and wanted to search into it more.

Some of the aspects that I wanted to consider when it came to cybernetic technology was its pros and cons and how it can make an impact, both negatively and positively in the future, as further technological breakthroughs and developments are being made as each year goes by. The key lecture topics that I found to fit my digital artifact were week 5 (cybernetic and cyberpunk) and week 9 (cyborgs), with each of these topics having a relevant film to the topic that we would view each week, such as Alita Battle Angel (2019) in week 9 and The Matrix…

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Cybernetics Digital Artifact Summary (#bcm325)

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Earlier on this semester, I created the idea of a digital artifact that explores certain areas of cybernetics and cyborg technology. I had planned out to create content weekly and showed a rough idea of how I would execute on researching the topic of a video early on in the week and create the video later on in that same week, which did not turn out the way it was expected to be with the many ideas, changes and challenges being discussed and expressed in this post.

My digital artifact (commonly known as a DA) is based on cybernetics and cyborg technology, where some of the video topics would discuss about how society may look like within the short term to long term future (from five to twenty years onward) and see how much of an impact these areas of technology would make, whether it would be negative or positive…

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The Live Tweeting Experience 2: Electric Boogaloo (#bcm325)

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Week 6 Film: Robot and Frank (2012)

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From what had been observed in Robot and Frank, it reminds us that robots can be of great assistance when it comes to those who may be getting older or may have problems with memory, such as Frank, who seems to show signs of Dementia. An example of this is when he walks down to the place of which he thinks is his favourite place to eat in the afternoon, but doesnt remember that it closed down a very long time ago.

Thus, his son decided to get him a robot that can help him with day-to-day tasks and to slow the development process of his memory loss.

My first initial thought, just from looking at the cover, was that the robot looked rather similar to Honda’s own developed robot called ASIMO which had been released in the year of 2000

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The Live Tweeting Experience – Part #1 (#bcm325)

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We began our journey of live tweeting with our first film 2001: A Space Odyssey

My first go at the live tweeting experience was rather more factual than observant, as I kept making many connections to what I was taught in history and how back in the time of the creation of 2001: A Space Odyssey had been created during the period of the space race during the cold war

I didn’t feel as if I gave it my all when it came to the tweeting experience, but thought it was an…

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Looking at Views of The Future – DA Pitch Overviews (#bcm325)

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We had been set off with the task to comment and take a look at what our fellow colleagues will be doing for their DA, also known as a Digital Artefact. A digital artefact is something that showcases the presence of an individual on the internet, whether they create a podcast on fashion for example, or an etsy for their arts and crafts, while taking feedback and altering their project for better results.

Pitch Overview #1: Chelsea

Up first is Chelsea! Chelsea decided to create her DA around a business plan for her Instagram page, with the plan going for five years. I really thought this was a really good idea, as this Instagram page she was running is her business, and without having a business plan its almost like driving in the dead of night with the headlights off, which is something I felt that I very much had…

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Cyber Implants – DA Pitch (#bcm325)

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What is the future going to look like? Will small chip technology be the future, or just hype? Will it be mass produced or will it only be accessed for a small percentage of society? These are some of the questions I will be attempting to answer in videos I will be making for my digital artefact surrounding implant technologies.

I would always think to myself; “Will implant technology become a technology that will be used and commonly found like the smartphone in present day society?” and through this digital artefact I will be finding answers to these queries and presenting my findings in videos and how the future might look from five years, to twenty years. Not only the availability of this tech in the future, but also their uses – will there be negative or positive effects, and if it would have an effect on the natural surrounding…

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