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Digital Artifact: Our Future with Pollution

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What is “Our Future with Pollution”?

Our Future with Pollution” is a series of YouTube videos created by me. About my prediction on our future living with serious of pollutions on the earth with ten years later. There are a total of four types of pollutions mentioned, including Air pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution, and Thermal pollution. I thought these four pollutions will affect our life the most. You are welcome to search for it by searching on YouTube or Click Here for the video sort.

Why I am having this project?

In recent years, pollutions are getting more serious on the earth. Most of the pollution is caused by human activities. Being harmful to the environment and with the irreversible damages globally (National Geographic). In 2020, the breakout of the pandemic forced humans to stop their activities. And we can see that the earth is…

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BCM325 Peer commentary and Reflection 2

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1st comment – Clement’s beta

Clement’s beta is about the quantum computer. He is having a passion to study it. In his first blog of the DA, he is having a clear introduction to it.

From his beta presentation, Clement is having a clear speech on what he had done so far. Clear planning and step-by-step mission. However, he did not mention much about his prediction about the future, and I am confusing about it. And he has mentioned about he has changed the production timeline because of research. It seems that he is suffering from the information collection. I tried to have some suggestions on the future of topics that he may be going to include very soon. Hope it will provide help to him.

Anyway, I am interested in his topic on a quantum computer in the future. Like what I have mentioned in the comment, teleology has…

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Live Twitting Summary 2

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In the previous summary on the live-tweeting before, I am going to have a second summary of the next half part. And in this part, most of the videos are taken in recent years. The Matrix (1999), Robot and Frank (2012), Ready Player One (2018), and Alita: Battle Angel (2019).

Five weeks before, I am a new learner to have the live-twitting. As I have mentioned in the previous blog, this is about your ability to have multiple tasks. And you are welcome to have the preparation by using the Tweet Deck. And five weeks later, I have found out my way to complete the live-tweeting easily with my style.

What’s include in my live-tweeting?

Same as the previous five weeks, I am having all the tweets in format. Having the 10 tweets per movie, posting them every after 10 minutes. The regular posting time can help to…

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Beta: Our Future with Pollution

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After having “BCM325 Digital Artifact Pitch: Pollution in the Future” and “BCM325 Pitch Supplementary“, here comes the beta presentation of my project called “Our Future with Pollution“.

Beta presentation:

YouTube Video on Beta Presentation.

The content flow of the videos is going to be utilized. Start from introducing the pollution, predicting the future life, and what we can do to have improvement. And in the video, I am going to take references from the internet, including historical records like Pea Soup Fog, video games like Oxygen not included, and movies like Wall-E.

Apart from what I am going to include in the video, I am going to provide some related, additional, informative videos. They are going to be mentioned by using the card function on YouTube. Audiences can choose to have further understanding by clicking on the videos if having an…

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