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BCM325, BLOG III: tweet time

april misiluti

Live Tweets and Hot Takes

Throughout the course of BCM325 Future Cultures class, we have collectively been responding to film and television medias via the modern commentary method of live tweeting. This process, although daunting when forcibly applied in the case of being an assessable task in which we would be graded, provided a great opportunity to demonstrate quick thinking and social interaction with retweets and on-the-fly discussions during each screening. Below is a subjective review of my best tweets and conversations over the course of this semester.

2018-04-27 (1)Ghost in the Shell” (1995) was a grim representation of what may come for both human and cyborg existence in the future. A stark difference from entertainment such as “The Jetsons” (1962) which painted a more positive outlook on technological advancements, director Mamoru Oshii took us on a wild journey through a near future dystopia.

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BCM325, BLOG II: Memeology

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BCM325, BLOG I: the a**hole of the internet

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In 2003, we witnessed a few notable instances; Finding Nemo opened at the box office to a near one billion dollars, the world lost Johnny Cash and a high school student made a website that would much later be the catalyst to the creation of a world famous decentralised international hacktivist group. Even more so than that, it would go on to serve as a hub for both complete sick depravity and enveloping purity, a community in which you could be actively involved within a massive group of individuals hell bent in bringing justice to an animal abuser, but where you would have to scroll past a few unpleasant images of genitals to get there. While a vast majority of those whom use the internet regularly today may not be familiar with or it’s contents, a large percentage would unwittingly be participants in it’s biggest success…

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