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Digital Artifact @foodsfordayss

Gathered from my interest in food blogging, I have established a gap in the market for an active Sutherland Shire based foodie Instagram account. To fill this gap, I have shaped the Instagram account ‘@foodsfordayss’ promoting a variety of mod cafes and restaurants in the Sutherland Shire, as well as endorsing products and personal recipes. The project has underpinned the value of persona through the communication and maintenance of relationships created on media platforms, like Instagram. Progression with my project showed to continually question what it takes to become a successful Instagram influencer, prompting my interest to discover the practical ways to increase an Instagram following, and successful strategies to engage with users. Proceeding with the topic of ‘How to become a successful Instagrammer’ has driven research on the areas ‘Influencer Marketing’, ‘Online Persona’, ‘Content Creators vs Curators’, and ‘Presentation Self’. Conducting research on these topics has directed…

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Contextual Essay @foodsfordayss

Social media is referred to as a newly revised communication platform, universally used as a convenient form of global interaction. Instagram is recognised as a successful social media platform holding millions of registered users, making it an ideal way for companies to market products, and content creators/regular individuals to express themselves.  Moore, Barbour, & Lee propose that Instagram relationships are built through the actions of the producer’s persona, as well as, the members of those networks who equally contribute to that persona through their choices, and actions (2017). Therefore, a great deal of my digital artifact outlines the way users communicate on Instagram to alter their follower’s perceptions of their online persona. Through the implementation of my Instagram account @foodsfordayss I have experimented with concepts proposed by academics which alter the way your followers perceive your online persona.

Instagram is a platform used to exchange communal photographs implying why online…

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A timeline of the BCM325 film screenings…

A major contribution to the studies conducted in BCM325 ‘Future Cultures’ is the analysis of film, relating to the depiction of current and future digital cultures. Live tweeting is a technique used to connect and integrate opinions when reflecting on films. Live tweeting stipulates issues raised within cyberculture as well as strengthening an individual’s online presence/persona within the subject.

Tweeting provides imperative resources for future research (Norman, S 2016), offering an opportunity to reach beyond those in the room (Ekins, S Perlstein, EO 2014) and engage in discussion/feedback with previous tutorials and other followers.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.05.52 pm.png Link to my twitter:

Week one in BCM325 focused on Cyberculture, highlighting the role of computers and networks in all aspects of contemporary, cultural, and social life. This seminar focused on the 1995 anime classic ‘Ghost in the Shell’. The film presents a philosophical theme of self-identity in a technologically…

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How to become an Instagram Influencer?

As I dive into my research project for BCM325 I continue to question what it takes to become a successful Instagram influencer.

IMG_4735 Instagram Page: @foodsfordayss

My research project involves personal growth as an Instagram food blogger through the implementation of my Instagram page @foodsfordayss.

The Building of a Successful Instagram Persona

Link to previous Blog Post relating to my Instagram account @foodsfordayss.

After having the account running for 2 years only recently have I noticed a fluctuating increase in followers and have received the chance to review and share products sent to me by Australian companies.

IMG_4737 Company sent product by @kezs_kitchen.

In addition to the company sent products I receive, restaurants and cafes have spotted my page, providing the opportunity to come into their store to receive a complimentary meal. In return, these companies ask for social media reviews (Facebook, Zomato, Trip Advisor Reviews), and an Instagram promotional post.

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The building of a successful Instagram Persona

Over the past 5 years Instagram has advanced into a mediasharing platform which involves a “mixture of features including social structure, social tagging and media sharing” (Roberto Interdonato & Andrea Tagarelli 2014).

Findings suggest that Instagram can “demonstrate an unparalleled scope of skills and degree of comfortability with public mediatisation, and express unprecedented levels of actual and potential public exposure” (Moore, Barbour, & Lee 2017 p.3). Moore, Barbour, & Lee propose that Instagram relationships are built through the actions of the producer’s persona, and the members of these relationships equally contribute to a persona through choices and actions. In their article ‘Five Dimensions of Online Persona’ they refer to para-textual actions such as ‘liking’, or ‘commenting’ as an active contribution to a public identity which demonstrate the importance of the choices we make when engaging online (Moore, Barbour, & Lee 2017 p.7). These conclusions advocate the importance of equally connecting…

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