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Contextual Essay BCM 325

Life in the Fields


The concept of my BCM325 digital artefact is explore the future of the online communication, specifically addressing the use of bots on social media. The format of this project was two video essays on YouTube, exploring different ways that public opinion can be swayed through the use of bots, trolls and digital deception.

An interview by The Verge with renowned futurist Elon Musk states “We’re already a cyborg… You have a digital version of yourself, a partial version of yourself online in the form of your emails, your social media, and all the things that you do.” (Ricker, 2016). I first heard this quote after watching the filmGhost in the Shell(1995), and it led to myself asking more questions about the concept of hacking ‘cyborgs’ both today and in the near future.

I believe that the core way that cyborgs are and will be hacked within the…

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Live Tweeting 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Life in the Fields

Live tweeting a movie the first time you watch it is hard, like really hard. For the second round of films I prepared by watching summaries of the films beforehand, checking out blogposts explaining context and references, and some light reading of academic sources to bring it all together.

In this block of films we watched; Bladerunner 2049, The Matrix, Alita: Battle Angel, Ready Player One, and Robot and Frank.

Self Reflection:

This was a very engaging and enjoyable task, although I struggled to perform the balancing act of engaging with others, watching the film and providing my own original academic commentary. If I were able to go back and do this subject again, I would pre-watch every film and draft tweets, allowing the screening to be used purely for engagement with others. My engagement with other BCM325 students could have been more active in…

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Life in the Fields

In BCM325 we are encouraged to provide feedback on each others work to help develop further refined projects. This is a curation of the feedback I have left.


Josephines project is exploring the future of female leadership both within Australia and globally. Her project has been executed excellently with little room for improvement on the existing content. I suggest that Josephine expands her network of feedback loops through sharing her content on Reddit and Quora.



Jack’s project is exploring the future of the music industry, and what challenges musicians will face in the next 5-10 years. Jack has faced technical difficulties and has not met his production timeline, although has committed to a new schedule. I suggested that Jack explores new revenue streams for musicians such as Fiverr and TikTok, and how they may affect the music industry in the coming years.


Chelsea’s project is a…

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Life in the Fields

My beta is live! I had so many issues getting to this point so I’m glad its finally up!

In creating the beta for this project I have undergone the following steps:

– Reading forums to gather experience, opinions and context
– Asking questions on forums
– Academic research
– Video production
– Feedback loops

I got the best information on the topic for my first video essay from r/WSB, who have been bombarded with bot activity to sway users financial choices to favour large financial institutions. Other subreddits were not as helpful in gathering information.

Its live! Woohoo!

Issues I had on this topic were:

– Video production
– Time poor due to work commitments
– Challenging topic to research as it is rather recent
– Recently established feedback loop

The topic of bots to sway public opinion is a fascinating twist on the evil cyborg trope in movies…

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BCM Pitch Peer Feedback

Life in the Fields

In BCM325 this semester we are being encouraged to explore how an area of our interest that is related to the field of media may develop on the future. Many students have pitched great projects, and in this blog post I will explore three of their pitches.

Pitch One: Taylor

Taylor’s project is exploring the future of the film industry, specifically in relation to the current trend of film studios remaking films. This project was inspired by our class watching of Westworld (1973), and her own watching of the current hit show by the same name. The TV show Westworld utilises modern technologies, formats and further developed concepts to further explore the original theme. Taylor provided great prior research and gave good reason for her project.

My feedback for Taylor’s project encouraged her to explore negative reactions to reboots as well. Whilst shows like Westworld have had all-round success…

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BCM325 Self Evaluation.

Life in the Fields

In BCM325 this semester we have spent seminars exploring classic science fiction films and live tweeted our class discussion during the screening. Initially I thought the concept of live tweeting a film was just going to distract from the cinematic experience, although it promoted deeper thought, discussion and rapid production of ideas without interrupting the film.

The following blogpost is a bit of a highlight reel of my tweets from the session, you can check them all out on my profile @asherfielder, or in see the class discussions using #bcm325.

The criteria for tweets making this blog post are pretty subjective, ranging from what started or encouraged discussion, to things that I liked that got no traction.

2001: A Space Odyssey

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Life in the Fields

This DA is a two-partvideo essay series exploring the future of information, communication and the exploitation of the general populationthrough the use ofbot-nets, bots and troll farms.

Each essay will cover a different topic that is a demonstration of how bots and trolls are shaping  public opinion, with a focus on how this may evolve in the future and recommendations for how to navigate and regulate the future of this technology. These essays will explore the future this technology and how to best control and regulate the use of bots to sway public opinion. I will explore possibilities regarding the individual, social media platforms and on a government policy basis. 

I expect to produce my first Essay by Friday week 5 and the second essay by Friday week 8. I will prototype ideas through engaging with my audience on Twitter, As well as utilizing feedback from the first video essay for the second. 

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