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Cyber Surveillance DA and Contextual Essay

Studio A

Digital Artifact Posts are here: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

In the Digital Artifact ideas in the Cyber Surveillance topic were experimented with, a series of blog posts were made the first three being about how everyone in society is being monitored by these Smart devices and how this surveillance shows itself in the form of Targeted Advertising. The first three blog posts posted included screenshots of a multitude of Advertisements from three social media websites, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Then sentence answers were put for why that ad might’ve been targeted specifically, the answers involving: Mentioned the product in a message to someone, Searched for that product or brand, saying it in a real life conversation with the phone nearby.

Other ways people are being monitored is discussed in posts four and five, where how Google and Facebook stores data on people was investigated with…

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The Activity of Live Tweeting

Studio A

Live Tweeting made for a very interesting class experience, I’ve realised now that I do not possess the ability to multitask. When attempting to juggle live tweets, watching the film, responding to comments and engaging with others tweets I definitely struggled but I found that it was a very enjoyable class task. When discussing this subject with people from outside of the BCM cohort I was met with a range of emotions: confusion, envy, and general stress since that’s the University student default.

While my tweets are a bit of a mess I think I showed my own online persona well through humour, gifs, and still tried to grip onto the subject matter shown in the Sci-Fi films through weeks 1 to 8.

Week 1 Tweets: Ghost In The Shell 1995

Ghost in the Shell was the first week of live tweeting, and the first instance of Utopia Vs Dystopia…

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Living in a Surveillance Society

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In a previous blog post, I talked about Cyber Surveillance in Advertising as well as how we are being watched in everyday life, while before I simply took a glance at the subject and jotted down ramblings from my own fascinated mind. Now I will be looking at research done by others to utilise in my Digital Project for this subject BCM325 Future Cultures.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.08.54 AM

(Source: Heath Hinegardner, (2015), Surveillance Nation [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 23 April 2018] )

In Media in the Age of Cyber Surveillance Podesta mentions how “Emails never die. Once sent, they live on” (Podesta, 2015) He then goes on to explain how e-mails are stored on the computers of the sender and recipient, they are also storied on servers and Podesta says they can be intercepted. As well as phone calls where data is recorded by telecommunication companies, these then can be subjected to investigation…

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They’re Watching Us: Cyber Surveillance

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♬ Every bond you break, Every step you take, I’ll be watching you ♬

The topic of Cyber Surveillance is one that both scares and excites me, it’s interesting and also terrifying to think that we are constantly being watched and monitored without knowing of it or consenting to it. Before we thought of CCTV’s (an abbreviation meaning ‘Closed-circuit television’), as our eyes in situations where one might need to see the bigger picture. Useful in cases of robberies, reliable for witnessing break-ins or assaults and any other crime you can think of.

But surveillance comes in many different forms you wouldn’t usually think about there’s the physical watching of a stranger across the street, the awkward accidental eye contact to the person in the car next to you at a red light, CCTV when you enter stores, but also what people are starting to realise is that every device we…

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