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Live Tweeting Experience

Ashleigh Lockton

In week 9 we watched Robot & Frank, I really enjoyed watching this movie and found it one of the easiest movies to tweet about. I found that I really connected to this movie which made the tweeting experience a lot more enjoyable. It also helped that the movie was easy to follow due to background information that I researched before class. Due to this I was able to do extra research through academic articles and online searches. The topic of robots in aged care is also a familiar topic as I have researched it a couple weeks earlier in another subject. 

My first tweet that I am showing. showcases how I have shared some of my extra research. This article discusses how with the introduction of robots into aged care instead of humans and how that may affect their wellbeing. This relates to the movie due to the debate…

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Beta Comment Reflection

Ashleigh Lockton

I have recently commented on three beta presentations from my class, these posts are;

  • Devin Winnie – A DA that will be created through a website, it’ll focus on climate change and the environment.
  • Georgia Mercedes Van De Vorst – A DA that has been created using Instagram and Blog posts that focuses on the effects and uses of photoshop to manipulate photos.
  • Desmond Cheung – A DA that has been created using video presentation that focuses on the future of convenience products.

With my comments on these posts I have tried to start of by informing them why and what parts about their DA that I like. I then tried to connect to their specific concept and form my own opinion, in doing this I started to think how I would present personally these ideas if I were to create this project.

I like to focus on adding new…

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BCM 325 – Project Beta Presentation

Ashleigh Lockton

My Digital Artefact is a blog series on Computer Generated Imagery Technology, it will include a range of topics surrounding this technology. I need to work on gaining an audience and how I am going to do this in order to gain a larger audience. Throughout the rest of my content creation I will make sure that I’m placing extra effort into creating an audience and feedback on these posts. I hope this series is able to educate people on this new technology so they are aware that it is out there and how easy or hard it currently is for anyone to use.

First Post to my DA –

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My Experience – Commenting on others pitch’s

Ashleigh Lockton

During my experience commenting on others pitch’s I tried to bring my own ideas  and opinions to each of my classmates pitch’s and ideas. I tried to extent on their ideas and try to look at the pitch from a slightly different angle. In an attempt to offer some constructive criticism. I also gave each person an academic article to help them with further research. This article is to encourage future research in to the part of their topic that I find interesting or what I think could help their digital artefact. I watched their videos twice and wrote notes to help myself understand what they’re trying to pitch. I analysed these posts with the help of the marking rubric in order to give them feedback to give them tips on how I think they could improve. When searching for further research I focused on trying to help them with…

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My Live Tweeting Experience (Week 1 to 6)

Ashleigh Lockton

BCM 325 (Future Cultures) tutorials features an element of live tweeting while watching movies, this is my first experience live tweeting. During the first half of the semester I have struggled to be able to understand the movies while live tweeting. I haven’t seen any of these movies before which doesn’t help in my understanding when I’m researching or composing tweets. Throughout different weeks I have explored different aspects of live tweeting such as thinking critically, researching and engaging in discussion.

In week 5 I started thinking critically about the movie in regards to how it has predicted the future. I was able to show that in some of my tweets which then received replies from other classmates. With this tweet shown below I received more replies than any other tweet I have done. Although it could’ve been a great opportunity for me to engage in some discussion with others…

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CGI Technology And The Future Of Movies

My DA will explore the use of CGI technology, this is the special visual effects that are created with the use of computer software. The main software used my small companies and people is DeepFake it is often involved with swapping faces, it is commonly used in celebrity porn videos and movies.

My DA will be a series of blog posts that explore to use and effects of CGI technology, especially Deepfakes. I will also be attempting to use the software in an attempt to make my own Deepfake.


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