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Blog 3 – Twitter Curation

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Below is a curation of what I believe to be my most engaging tweets and replies made over the course of the last 8 weeks. For the full body of my twitter contributions click here.

Ghost in the Shell

In the first week of the course, the screening was of the 1995 science-fiction anime ‘Ghost in the Shell’.


The key insight I wished to contribute during this preliminary screening, was that of the film’s beautiful illustration of duality of life, between artificial and natural. In addition to the mediums inherent duality of western and Japanese culture. Both of which I perceive as a metaphoric representation of Japan’s own duality of traditional Japanese culture mixing with post war Americanisation, creating a new wave of emergent, hybrid Japanese art. Which was represented by life emerging out of artificial confines.


The second week brought a discussion of Cybernetics and a screening…

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LAW v IOT – Blog Post 2 – Arguments and Literature Review

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This project seeks to address how a developing technology interacts with the real world, in exploring this I have chosen to examine how the Internet of Things interacts with the legal system.

The IoT and the legal system demonstrate fundamentally different approaches to development. With an attribute of the IoT being that of rapid development, demonstrating a speed of proliferation indicative of the lightning fast feedback loop that has come to define the technology age. This is juxtaposed by the oft criticised, glacial speed of legal development and change.

Accordingly, an argument that this project seeks to raise is that the uneven, juxtaposing development speeds between the IoT and the legal system results in the creation of gaps of legality, in which aspects areas of the IoT exist in temporary states of non-regulation.

Drones and drone regulation typifies how the law can be slow to…

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Focusing on the issues stemming from Internet of Things’ (IOT) data retention and its impact on our privacy, this project will address, across a number of blog posts, the various legal implications, compatibilities and utilities between the law and the IOT with consideration of both domestic and international jurisdictions. As a core focus of this project is to address how technology interacts with the world around it, this project seeks to address the relationship between the Internet of Things and the judicial system in Australia and abroad. As well as a consideration of the developing feedback loop between technological developments resulting in legal regulation which in turn affects the development of subsequent technology.


As a Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Media and Communications undergraduate currently sitting my final two subjects, I am particularly interested in obtaining practical knowledge…

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