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Contextual Essay

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My Digital Artefact is an analysis of 4 episodes of Black Mirror (Nosedive, Men Against Fire, Arkangel and Fifteen Million Merits) with the aim of thinking about how these episodes uses made up and speculative technologies to talk about today’s society. In other words, I analyze the technologies presented in these episodes in order to focus on the representation of the future in this dystopian TV series. I realized that many of these technologies look strangely similar to reality like the social rating system in Nosedive that looks like applications on our smartphones that we use daily or even the eye-tracking advertisements in Fifteen Million Merits that look like sponsored and targeted ads on social media.

The utility of my project is for communication and media students, in 10 years, could see how a work of fiction, such as Black Mirror, represented the future 10 years ago and how…

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Digital Artefact – The Representation of the Future in Black Mirror

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As part of the BCM 325 class, I have to create a digital artifact that will be useful in the future. For this project, I decided to analyze 4 episodes of Black Mirror with the aim of thinking about how this TV series uses made up and speculative technologies to talk about today’s society. So, students in 10 years could learn from the past with the help of my DA.

Nosedive (S3E1) – Social Rating System

In this episode, Lacie, the main character, living in a dystopian society governed by a social rating, wants to do everything she can to increase her rating in order to have access to exclusive privileges. The depicted technology is an application on smartphones that assigns a rating to a person based on their behavior. This app modulates and influences every action of people because they want to get a great rate, so they have…

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Post 4

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During week 6 to week 12, it was easier for me to write tweets due to the fact I gained experience from week 1 to week 5 in this course. To be fully honest, I have to say that in week 9, when we had to watch Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve, I was 100% sure it was on Netflix because 2 months ago I watched it online, but it wasn’t there anymore. So, based on the previous screening of this movie, I had written my tweets slightly delayed. Unfortunately, I had absolutely no interaction as my tweets were offbeat. However, I learned an interesting information from my classmates during that week.

One of the scenes was inspired by a real dust storm which happened in 2009 in Sydney.

Instead of using humor in my tweets like in the beginning of this class, I decided to make a deeper…

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Post 3

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First of all, I have to say I found out it was easier to comment peers blog than the first time I did it because I had experience gained previously. This time, I put my name next to the person’s name that I made a comment on their Beta Presentation blog. So, I made fewer mistakes.

Grace’s DA is quite interesting because it has a purpose to help small businesses in the Illawara region during the COVID-19 pandemic and even after which is useful for the future and fulfills the primary objective of the digital artefact we have to create in BCM 325. She will make such a big impact in the lives of many local people and the Australian economy via her Instagram account promoting these businesses. Coronavirus is a new disease, so there are not a lot of academic and scholar publications already written about it, so I…

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Beta Presentation

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As part of the BCM 325 subject, for my digital artefact, I decided to analyse 4 episodes of Black Mirror with the aim of thinking about how this TV series uses made up and speculative technologies to talk about today’s society. My focus is on the representation of the future in Black Mirror, so it could be useful for students in 10 years. I had already analysed 2 of the 4 episodes : Nosedive about the social rating system and Men Against Fire about the MASS implant. I used lectures content and academic references for my analysis. I will also ask for feedback on the Black Mirror subreddit soon.

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Critical Self-Reflection of my Tweets

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I have to say that I have never tweeted before, so I created a Twitter account especially for BCM 325. In my first class, on March 4th, it was difficult for me to post clever and creative tweets, while I was watching Metropolis, a black and white movie from 1927, for the first time. I think that every class, my tweets became more and more relevant. At the beginning of the semester, my tweet was funny because it was easier for me than thinking about something intelligent to say and people in the classroom liked it apparently (7 likes).

After the first class, I have gained confidence. I have decided to create a tweet on my thoughts about how people see the future and how it is different from our reality.

Professor Christopher Moore and another student replied to my post, so I had to figure out something…

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Critical Self-Evaluation of Peer Commentary

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I was supposed to be an exchange student at the University of Wollongong in Autumn 2020, but unfortunately, because of the coronavirus situation, I had to go back home in Montreal, Canada. All my efforts were wiped out by a breakdown I couldn’t control which makes me sad. This is the last semester of my bachelor degree in communication and media, so to be fully honest, I just want to pass this subject and I would be more than happy to get 60% or more. BCM 325 is my first BCM class ever, so I’m not really used to BCM classes. Obviously, I made a few mistakes in this task because I wanted to finish earlier as possible.

Firstly, I thought we were supposed to comment on the blogs of people whose names were next to our name and blog link in the google document spreadsheet on Moodle. Later, I…

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The Future of our Society according to Black Mirror

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For my project, I would like to analyse 3 episodes of the Original Netflix science-fiction Serie “Black Mirror” and focus on how the society is depicted and whether or not some elements are close to our modern-day society and could be a part of our future reality. So, the purpose of my digital artefact is for future students of this subject to see if my analysis from 2020 still accurate in their everyday’s life. Thus, they will learn from the past. It will be available on my blog and I will share the link on my social media accounts to get feedback.

Assessment 2 part 1

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