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Week 7 : DA Update


Here we go, this is the latest update for my DA. I was supposed to film  vlog this time, but on the day of the concert I was too busy and then after that I managed to get sick from being surrounded by a bunch of people in a tiny mosh pit and couldn’t film this video until yesterday.

Great, considering this was due on Friday.

After this vlog, I’ve decided i would rather not do anymore vlogs. Which leaves me with little to work with in terms of informing people of what it is that I do and how to do it. It also requires a lot of time and the correct lighting/ actually caring about my appearance. There’s also a lack of anonymity which is something I would rather have.

The podcasts were okay; honestly a good idea for when I’m not unwell and have a quiet place…

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This semesters DA and Podcast #1


Okie dokie, yo.

This semester I am trying something new; podcasts!

Which i uploaded on Google Drive until I get my act together and can post quality content on Soundcloud.
Basically the text here will be what I didnt say in my podcast, and it will probably become a permanent fixture for my DA.
Forgotten things:

– all research for my DA comes through personal experience and the guidance of other fanoage admins who are kind enough to help me

– i will avoid mentioning names of promoters and those who help me because i would rather not disclose that information

– i will vlog the concerts I go to and the upload them onto a YouTube channel.

– might have a hashtag for people to ask me questions on; and run it through my uni Twitter account to build a business OP
Here is the podcast:

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