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FINALE: The Recount of Why

This is my Contextual Essay for my BCM325 Digital Artefact, give it a read

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For my Digital Artefact, I created the Treatment Mobility Brace (TMB). To reach my goal for the semester I needed to have written a provisional specification for the TMB and have 3D printed a model of it. The way I reached these steps where through peer and online research combined with a defined feedback loop that was set up on social media and my WordPress.

The Treatment Mobility Brace is a tool that can be used for a multitude of injuries and its design has developed a lot since the initial design to the final form. The digital location of the final model and the provisional specification for patent can be found on this WordPress post.


The Treatment Mobility Brace responds to the assignment as it is a Digital Artefact that responds to the future in 5, 10, 25 or 50 years:

Within 5 years, the TMB should be…

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I Got Better at Giving Half my Attention to Things

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I previously reflected on my live-tweeting abilities for my course BCM325, this led to me realising that the best way to improve and gain engagement was to make my tweets more visually stimulating and also to work on my timing. I also gained feedback from my tutor who suggested that I also do research beforehand using academic or news articles. In the last 5 weeks, my live-tweeting has changed for the better which is evident by the quality of my tweets and the amount of interactions I’ve been involved in.


The first aspect I focussed on was research and how I could convey it in an interesting manner. I tried using a large gif with a link, which led to barely any interest. My next method was to put the hyperlink after a small paragraph and aim for a time were the movie seemed less interesting which led to…

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My classmates are cool

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For my BCM325 course, I am commenting on the BETA pitches of my fellow students and since I’ve done a process similar to this previously, I didn’t expect it to be difficult. The idea of a BETA pitch is to show how an item of work is coming and how it is has evolved recently. I’ve experienced this differently across all three of the BETA’s and I’ve had varying challenges.

The first BETA I looked into was written by Susan Alderman and follows her work into the sustainability of the fashion industry titled “The Green Thread”. This was grown from a previous work called “Lazy Susan” but is more focussed on the process of creating clothes in an eco-friendly way, while also critiquing the fashion life cycle. I had found this really interesting and within my comment I looked at the way she talked about this and how the…

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From T-Palm to T-Awesome (while keeping the name)

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Since my Pitch, I’ve worked further on the T-Palm within my university course. The T-Palm went through 3 versions recently, largely due to the feedback discussed in my video.

The T-Palm is a future technology which will have perpetual effects starting short-term. The T-Palms utility is limitless but regarding the future it is essentially for people in low to medium danger. This being regularly or from societies evolution, a workplace with knives or a world in ruins. All feedback has been positive, encouraging me to improve the design and led to research of similar technology. This helps me compile a better patent for a high-quality product.


Derakhshandeh, H, Aghabaglou, F, Ghanavati, IO, Tamayol, A & Kashaf, SS n.d., ‘Smart Bandages: The Future of Wound Care’, Trends in Biotechnology, vol. 36, no. 12, pp. 1259–1274, viewed 2 May 2019, <;.

Intellectual Property Australia 2018, Patents, Intellectual…

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No Comment is a Comment (Unless required by the assessment outline) -George Carlin

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For my course BCM325, I was made to comment on 3 Digital Artefact Pitches similar to my Pitch THE T-PALM. While doing this, I realised some mistakes I made and even ways that I would change my comments.

I would watch each pitch multiple times while making notes of the student’s goals, the way they were publishing their information, how they were collecting feedback and what area of interest they were relating to the future. I would then compile my comment, trying to start and finish with a positivity. In the body, I explained any issues I had or suggested how I would continue with their artefact.

The three pitches I commented were Montblog’s study into drones, EM KOLETTI’s Black Mirror podcast series and homebrew drafts Digital Media Socitey’s plan. Each were interesting but the comments varied.

With my comment for Montblog, I talked about the…

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Travis M_B 5804036

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The above video is a digital artefact pitch for the T-PALM. The T-PALM is a first aid response tool that will be used to prolong life and limb. In the video, I discuss this more and how I intend to improve the design as well as measure community interest through Reddit. The T-PALM pitch refers to the future, its possibly dystopian destination and how this technology will be useful in this environment.

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