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Digital Artefact Contextual Essay

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You can view my blog here: 

You can view my video here: 

Projects concept: 

My Digital Artefact (DA) concept is to educate and inform people on my predictions about the future of photography in 5, 20 and 50 years. My DA also expands into camera technology, social media and the photographer. 


I have adapted my DA to follow Wendell Bells philosophy of the probably, preferable and possible future. I have applied these to each time slot in my research. 

I took a blog approach at the start of creating this DA. The blog is broken up into 3 sections, Social Media, Camera Technology and The Photographer. I used these three topics because they all go hand in hand with being a photographer, they all build on one another and give the reader a greater insight. 

This blog has nearly 2000 words which is a lot…

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BCM325 Live tweeting round 2

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This blog post will provide an evaluation of my 2nd round of Live-tweeting. In the second session of screenings, we have watched Ghost in a Shell, The Matrix (1999), Robot and Frank (2012), Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Ready Player One (2018), BLAH BLAH 

“Your live tweets are interesting and relevant, and your live-tweeting analysis does a good job of considering your effectiveness in connecting with your peers but might go further in thinking about how to connect to audiences outside the subject.” Chris Moore

From the feedback from my first 6 weeks of live-tweeting Moore suggested that I change some things I have been doing, one of the things I focused more on was reaching a broader audience outside of the #BCM325 cohort. I experimented with using different hashtags and tagging people that were relevant to my post. 

For the Matrix, I did a…

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BCM 325 Beta Commentary.

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For this round of peer commentary, we got to choose who’s blogs we commented on. I found this worked a little bit better because I went through and found the 3 that I could relate the best too. This made it a lot easier to give them valuable and useful feedback and links. 

I commented firstly on Sophie Jaynes beta on the Future of Bodyboarding. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.44.58 am

I found it easy to provide feedback and ideas to Sophie because I have a vested interest in the ocean and bodyboarding/surfing.

I then commented on Elena’s Beta on running the TikTok account for UOW LHA marketing.

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.49.39 am

I had trouble commenting on this DA because I couldn’t see a clear connection to the future. I provided some ideas of how Elena may achieve this.

My next comment was for Aliah, she had a really interesting topic and I think she has a solid…

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BCM 325 Future Cultures Beta

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Welcome to my Beta report on The Future Of Photography:

  • You can see my operational DA here

I have realised I need to make some changes to my DA due to the lack of feedback/traction I have received. Before handing in the final version of this project I need to add the video element that I may be doing collaborative effort with another member of this class. I think this could be really exciting to work with another person. If not I want to condense all my information and create an exciting upbeat video perhaps with a voice-over. This video will allow me to reach new audiences on the social channels of my own such as Instagram and Facebook. The followers I have on these platforms I know are interested in photography.

Some key points to add to my DA in the next couple of weeks:

  • I need a video…

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Live Tweeting Summary

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This post will provide a critical self-reflection of my live-tweeting skills for the first half of the movie screenings in BCM325 – Future Cultures. I found this to be a very interesting experience. I had not watched any of the movies beforehand. So I found to be a challenging task, as a passionate movie maker, I found my self getting lost in the storyline and not focussing on tweeting! 

Once I was putting out tweets efficiently I was then getting distracted by likes, comments and the occasional retweet coming in. Since the first live-tweeting session I have come up with a better methodology in order to work efficiently. Thus including having four tabs open on my laptop: 

Tab one – #BCM325 twitter feed. 

Tab two – Notifications for twitter.

Tab three – Google for on the go research. 

Tab four – My BCM325 pages document…

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BCM325 Peer Commentary

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Peer Commentary. 

The way I went about this round of peer commentary was to view my peoples blogs, watch the pitch and think about what they are trying to achieve. For the most part this was very easy. I aimed to be a helper to them I provided my opinion on some ideas they had, I also provided them with relevant sources from our lectures and the UOW database.

Comment One: 

The first pitch I commented on was Anthea’s Time Travel through Time. She has focused on looking at time travel in TV series and movies. I instantly had a connection with the pop culture topic. Anthea outlined in her pitch that she wanted to create either a podcast or video series. 

  • I suggested firstly creating a video series because it is easy to convert that to podcast if it seems unsuccessful. Anthea also wanted to look…

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BCM 325 DA Pitch

My BCM325 Future Cultures DA is going to be looking into the future of camera technology in the next 10 years. I am interested to look at how new technology will assist the modern day photographer. These include bigger sensors, wireless transfer of files via the cloud, and AI inside cameras to assist you.

My DA fits the F.I.S.T principle:

Fast: I have access to information through the internet. I also have access to my camera which I am going to film it on.

Inexpensive: This will not cost me anything.

Simple: I have a plan I am going to follow as outlined in my pitch.

Tiny: This is an easy DA to achieve.