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Further Development in The Art of the Live Tweet

Bonnie Stonestreet

As mentioned in my first live tweeting reflection blog post, live tweeting is a useful practice that anyone in social media, marketing, and the communication world should learn. The writing skills learned from live tweeting “are transferable, so you can use them in other areas of your writing.

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Growth in the Second Half

In my first live tweeting reflection blog, I reflected on the weaker aspects of my live tweets and how I may improve them during the second half of the subject. Now going to reflect on if these changes were successful!

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The most evident improvement was not pre-watching the films, which was not an effective use of my time and hindered my ability to learn and develop my skills in live tweeting, which is what the subject is all about. Instead, I used this time to…

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The Art of the Live Tweet

Bonnie Stonestreet

“Live tweeting can help businesses raise brand awareness, increase engagement, or draw attention to an event or campaign in real time.”


As a soon(ish) to be communications and media graduate, live tweeting is a crucial skill to master and cultivate for use in the work force as a digital media expert. Apart from tweeting in one or two of Ted’s in-person BCM112 lectures in 2020 before lockdown started, I have relatively no live tweeting experience. However, that didn’t stop me creating a variety of content each week based on the films we’ve been watching in ‘Future Cultures’, and developing my future thinking.

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I approached this task by conducting preliminary research and watching the film beforehand, generating some early notes and thoughts that I would later expand on by connecting them to subject materials, readings, and secondary research.

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Becoming a Peer Review Expert

Bonnie Stonestreet

In my time as a uni student, I’ve done a fair amount of peer reviewing and commenting on the wonderful work of my fellow students.

As a peer-reviewer, I always feel like I’m stepping into someone else’s world, the project they enjoy, and a whole new topic for a Digital Artefact that I hadn’t considered (you could say a possible future I didn’t take)!

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I enjoyed peer reviewing other individual’s BCM325 projects as they inspired me. Even though I am set on looking at a zero waste future through Ecoternatives, through the peer reviewing process I was able to look at the future of AI, sci-fi movies, and the music industry for a couple hours as I thought about, researched, and reviewed their pitches. It was interesting to see what other people thought of when they wanted to explore the future!

Peer Reviews

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Bookstagram: Paving the future one book at a time

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A BCM325: Future Cultures Project Pitch

As a communications and media student, I live half of my life online, and the other is stuck in a good book, and through this degree, I’ve been able to create “@lanabooks_” which is my personal escape into the online world of books.

I have been on bookstagram for a few years now, and I often try to consider what I want the future of my bookstagram to be, and hence one of the large parts of this is looking to the future of bookstagram.

Bookstagram has a large influence over what is read and hence becomes popular, therefore allowing publishers to profit from this as most creators on the platform are a free marketing tool. Publishers have notably picked up on this, and hence we can see a spike in the commercialisation of bookstagram.

Therefore, because of first-hand experience on…

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Project Pitch: Looking at the Future, Ecoternatives-ly

Bonnie Stonestreet

As I near the tail-end of my degree, I have been gaining professional experience through internships and voluntary work, which has led to some opportunities in the environmental sector, piquing my interest in using my social media and communication skills to support this field. One of these roles is currently volunteering as a blogger for Ecoternatives, an eco goods store run by students across the world (predominately in the US), and donating 50% of the profits to charities.

With the rise in extreme temperatures (and flooding, as we’ve seen in the past few weeks), climate change is becoming more widely acknowledged. The amount of waste we produce is one factor, with “67 million tonnes of waste generated by Australians every year”. This is why my project will focus on looking towards a zero-waste future, which aligns with Ecoternatives’ mission to…

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