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BCM 325 Assessment 3: The Little Fellas DA

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Part 1: The Physical Journey

Part 2: The Theoretical Side

Part 3: The Contextual Essay

Hey guys and welcome to part 3 of my digital artifact. In this short blog post, I will be presenting to you how my DA addresses the focus of this topic and how it relates to the lecture content, evidence of research and development of The Little Fellas DA and finally by reflecting on what has been accomplished over the 3 part series of The Little Fellas.

DA Focus and Lecture Content

The whole purpose behind the DAs in BCM 325 is to develop an answer to the focus of ‘what the future will look like in the next 5, 10, 25, or 50 years’ in the specific area we have chosen to look at. For my DA I focused on how online promotion will look in the next 5 to 15 years and I…

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Reflecting On My Round Two Tweets

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It has been another six weeks since I last posted my twitter posts here, but it is time to do it again. In my last post, I talked about the posts I made and how well they did, I also mentioned what I wanted to work on over the next six weeks, and work on it I did. Today I will be covering the types of posts I made, you will see that they have varied a little from the last time (but some are the same), I will then talk about what I wanted to improve on last time and show the improvements I made in that area as well as a look at the quality of my engagement on other people’s content.

To start let’s address my silliest tweets of the session. As I mentioned last time, I wanted to incorporate comedic tweets on my platform, which I…

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Beta Presentation Comments

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Hey guys, this post is for my peer commentary for our Digital Artefact Beta Pitch. In this post I will be briefly reflecting on what DA I commented on, what I suggested, the information I provided and how it relates to the lecture, I will then finish up by commenting on how I think I performed with my feedback to my peers.

First up is Emma’s pitch on her projectAdonis. Adonis was a pitch I commented in the last round of the assessment and I was happy to see that my feedback had been taken on and helped improve Adonis. Adonis is an application in which people will be able to directly stream games from. In my comment this round I suggested that Emma looked into how the gaming industry will evolve in the future, and how mobile gaming over the last years has risen in popularity and…

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The Little Fellas Beta Pitch

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The result of my networking is included in the video @3:06. I removed peoples names and contact details for privacy reasons.

Hey guys thanks for coming to check out my pitch. In the video above I explain what my DA is, some of the challenges I faced, some of the improvements I made off of feedback (more of that below) as well as my public interacts and evidence of engagement and progress I have made. Now below you will find the methodology of the theory behind my project as well as some background research into areas that are the same or similar to it and how I use this information to predict the future. Then I sum it all up with what is next for my project, I hope you enjoy.


My Digital Artifact is based around promotion and more specifically cross-promotion, this concept of promotion is what I…

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BCM 325 Future Cultures Live Tweeting Critical Self-Reflection

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In this post, I will be presenting and providing a critical self-reflection of my live tweets that I have been making for BCM 325 movie screenings. I will be breaking down the types of tweets I have made, as well as the engagement that they received.I’ll also investigate my replies and interactions with other posts and the replies they had to my own. I will then talk about what worked/didn’t work and finally summing it all up with what I think I need to work on for the future and what I believe I did well.

Throughout the live-tweeting experience, I was aiming to talk about several different aspects, one of those was insights I made about the films, whether it was noticing similarities to another film, the speculations the films were making or simply about ambience they had. Overall these style of tweets were successful.

On a less serious…

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Future Cultures Assessment One, Reflection on My Comments

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For BCM 325 I was asked to comment on three of my peers Digital artefact pitches, but instead of 3 comments I have made five because in two of them I feel I did not provide enough feedback linking my points to the lecture topics, so I went back and left replies on two of my original comments. I doubled down because for this class I am aiming for a distinction, and in my pitch, I missed the mark. I wanted to make sure that I met the outlined points on the marking criteria as best I could this time around to make up for my previous performance. In this post, I will cover the comments I left and give a brief overview of what I said/outlined in each and ill end with what I believe I did well in and what I think I could improve on or do…

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The Little Fellas Project Pitch

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Hey guys, in this post I will be talking about my digital artifact for BCM 325. I hope you enjoy!

So now that you have been introduced to the ideology behind my project I will go over a few important things regarding it.


The idea behind my DA is that I will continue to grow an audience whilst helping others do the same. I have a YouTube channel with 100 subscribers at the time of this post, and the idea is to re-purpose that channel to better suit this project.

The whole purpose of having the second party retweeting the promotional video as well as following and subscribing to the Twitter and YouTube page is so that my content and serves is spread to their audience so I can potentially get more clients in that audience.

I will experiment with the visual aspect of the video format but the…

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