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Is this the end?


The following is a contextual statement on my Digital Artfact for the subject BCM325 Future Cultures.

Contextual Essay

My digital artefact’s (DA) concept centres around a future global food crisis and a possible solution to this, entomophagy (the consumption of insects). As referred to in my pitch and beta videos, incorporating the future was done in two ways throughout my project. Firstly, the project predicted a long term (30 years) future, in which the food crisis would occur. Secondly, the project offered a solution to this predicted problem, with future recommendations to prepare for the long-term future. These referred to the short term (2 years) and changing society’s opinions and acceptance of eating insects. Also, the medium term (5-10 years), and researching and implementing successful ways of mass production and distribution of edible insects. These two recommendations would then address the long term (30 years) future by ensuring society would…

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A future food crisis: So what do we really think?


Link to full survey results.


Hi everyone, this is my third and final podcast in my 3-part podcast series on insects as a form of food in the future. I will be analysing my survey responses, giving future recommendations, and concluding the overall project.

My survey was distributed across various platforms, inclusive of WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and via a shareable link. The main aim of the survey was to gather public opinions on the consumption of insects as a form of food. The survey was therefore open to be completed by any member of the general public. The results I will be discussing are as of 5th June 2019. The published results will also be available through a link.

The survey contained 9 questions, of which 2 were demographic. These were to uncover whether age or gender may affect other answers. I won’t go through all the…

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The end of my live tweeting (applause)


As the second-half of our live tweeting sessions have just finished up, once again I must reflect on how I went (read: horrific). I do have to admit I did begin to feel like I was getting the hang of it, however it remained quite a task to attempt to fully engage with the movie at the same time I fully engaged on Twitter. Kind of like being on your phone while speaking to someone face to face (oops). Anyways, for anyone wanting to get into live tweeting, it is a lot of fun. We were given a list of pointers which is available here. In my assessment of how my tweeting went, I will reference a lot of these pointers too.

Firstly, I did adequately sign on and off from every session. These were Retweets sometimes, but I feel these are just as effective in informing the audience what…

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Are my comments any Beta?


Here is a summary of the comments I have made on other students’ Beta presentations. In looking at my comments, I believe I have contributed through both positive reinforcement and constructive criticism.

My first Beta comment was for Josh and his digital artefact on nova/novum to be presented through a video essay.
An important piece of advice I gave Josh is the use of terminology in this particular video – “a lot of terminology you refer to is quite difficult to understand. Perhaps more colloquial terms would be effective or adding a bit more of an explanation to what this jargon means.” This is important as it reminds him that his audience is public on this blog at the moment, and to be aware of this and cater to this audience accordingly. This may lead to a better following and greater public engagement.

I have specifically addressed his proposed final…

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So, how am I faring so far?


This beta presentation discusses the progress of my digital artefact, reflecting on what has been completed, and talking about how I will complete what is left. My current prototype is the first of a two-part podcast series, available here. The rest of this podcast series, along with a survey, are projected to be available by the end of next week.

The final video will combine the podcasts, survey and my final conclusions on the idea. The utility of this will be to provide the audience with a succinct overview of all research conducted, informing and educating them on the issue and providing them the knowledge to facilitate change.


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BCM325 Pitch


My idea for my digital artefact addresses the medium term future for the next 30 years. It looks at insects as a form of food worldwide. This artefact will involve a podcast for the literature review, a survey to collect feedback and opinions on this idea, and a final video introducing the prediction of a global food crisis and how insects as a form of food may be the answer to this. The podcast and survey will be completed prior to the final video to allow for feedback and audience participation. The relevance of the artefact to the audience is that it is a predicted future that will directly involve them, while also proposing a possible solution to this.


Sources referenced to in the video (presented like this as I was unable to reference while speaking in the video):

Population predictions:

Cho, R. (2018). How Climate Change Will Alter…

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