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DA Contextual Essay

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Pitch Video:

Beta Video:

Digital Artefact: @the_tattered_passport

When looking at my DA and adapting it to the future prospects, I found it quite difficult. Considering my Digital artefact is a travel Instagram – inspired by international travel and different cultures my initial reaction was to change my DA (that I have done for the past 3 years at university) all together. However, as more opportunities came up to travel interstate, I thought this would be a great series to document. My overall goal, throughout my whole 3 years of this DA, has been to promote travel and inspire others to share their experiences – ultimately, this is still my goal now focusing primarily on domestic travel.

Readings such as Impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry and LIVE BLOG: Coronavirus and the travel industry – impact and recovery were predominate articles in teaching me about the…

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Live tweeting… Sort of

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Live tweeting has certainly been challenging for me – as you may have guessed form the title. Although I have still been tweeting, they have not been at the same time slots as fellow BCM325 peers and I believe this has strongly affected the engagement of my tweeting. Saying this, I have taken on board the learnings from previous live tweets and believe I have made improvements to generate more engagement.

The Matrix – Week 7

I figured the best way to get engagement with tweets was by “collabing” with other BCM325 students in a humours way:

Through my tweeting, I utilise articles to gain different perspectives and understandings of the film. I found this extremely helpful in helping me to align this older film with modern day concepts:

This was a lot of engagement for me – I was super happy to see other people relate to the article.

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Beta late than never #comments

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As part of the BCM325 DA development, a key component is giving feedback to peers. I can say, first hand, the feedback I have received from others has helped in establishing my DA today.

Seeing the progression of fellow peers DA is inspiring. It is always a great feeling to see that they have taken on board what others have recommended – and to see it has been a success.

Beta #1 – STEPH JORY

I really love Stephs concept – focusing on the future of retail from the affects of covid. Stephs beta was honest in explaining her struggles with staying on top of her posting schedule for her DA. Blog posts are time consuming in many different ways. My suggestion for Steph was to consider an auto style blog post. Steph spoke so well in her Beta, i believe by dong this the audience will be more engaged…

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Live Tweeting #fun #bcm325

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Blade Runner

Am I the only one who hasn’t seen this movie before? and there is a remake? So much you can learn via twitter! Blade runner explores this idea of techno orientalism to a tee. In simple terms, techno orientalism explores the stereotypes of asian culture, highlighting there technological advancements the cultures primitive intelligence. Blade runner is set in 1982 and it explores the future of the world (2019). I loved unpacking this film via tweets and better understanding techno orientalism and uncovering other perspective on the topic. The best tweets to me are those that incorporate humour whilst also better their perspective across – making tweets more personal then like reading a textbook. You will notice, through time, that I begin to understand the appeal of this and apply this idea to my own tweets.

Blade Runner’s idea of the future, whilst extreme, does have relations to present…

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3 x DA reviews

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First off, I love the ideas of each of these DA’s, so creative and unique and i’m so excited to follow along with these Digital Artefacts! Each DA I looked at was totally different and utilised different platforms. “The Future” was predominate within all DA and they aligned well with subject readings and lectures.

My aim with my feedback was to help each individual find ways to engage with their audience. I also provided academic and non academic sources which are tailored to each DA. I hope that by doing this, I have helped each person in creating and improving their DA’s.

Comment 1: Alana Smith


I really enjoyed finding out about Alana’s DA. I have only recently heard about NFT so hearing that that was something Alana was analysing was really interesting. Overall, I think the 3 part blog series is a smart choice for Alana. Keeping it…

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For my BCM325 Digital Artefact I will be continuing on with my travel Instagram @the_tattered_passport. This Instagram was established in 2018 as a means to promote my mums business (Travel Agent) and an outlet for me to post my original content from around the world.

Stating the obvious, Travel is not really an easy thing right now – just like working in the tourism industry. I feel confident that one day things will go back to a new normal however, in the meantime, I want to adapt my Instagram to focus on purely domestic travel and supporting local. As we look specific at the future, within BCM325, I think it appropriate to change my Instagram account to this.

I still have a love for travel, as does my family, so we have a number of trips planned in the coming months – this will help with flow of content…

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