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Live Tweeting Future Cultures Screenings

Caitlin Olsen

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Welcome back to another live-tweeting summary post on my engagement with the BCM325 screenings and subject materials. This time we are exploring movies, Robot and Frank, Arrival, Alita: Battle Angel, Ready Player One and the satirical Don’t Look Up.

Now, this time round I have taken my own feedback from the last blog post to utilise better secondary research and engage further with the subject content. I have decided in order to do this I am going to shift my focus primarily to two of the movies I engaged with best during the live-tweeting. These movies are also the ones that left me perplexed and remain fixed in my mind even after the conclusion of the class. I believe this method will allow me a…

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Viewing & Analysing Screenings in Future Cultures

Caitlin Olsen

The Future Cultures subject involves viewing a film screening and analysing each week through the Twitter domain. From weeks 1-5 we have explored films including, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Westworld, Bladerunner, Ghost In The Shell and my all time favourite, The Matrix.

This blog post features six of my own prominent tweets where others have liked, retweeted and interacted, including people outside of the BCM cohort. The post also highlights my contribution to others, including replies, favourites and retweets. After viewing the films during class I have noticed parallels between the ideas formulated in the movies and the advancement of technology today. My opinions of the film, secondary research and overall ideas are shared in my tweets. Each film accentuates a relationship between what is real and what is not. The content produced shares my engagements and thoughts with a focus on Wendell Bells’ possible, probable and preferable future studies…

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Reviewing & Reflecting

Caitlin Olsen

Feedback is so important in the process of creating something. Sometimes, it helps that it’s from people who are undertaking similar concepts and projects to yourself. In this case, our digital artefacts. Feedback is not just valuable for students, but for everyone, it is constructive and provides for ongoing development and iteration. It allows people to learn from weaknesses, increase strengths and observe possible new ideas. The OODA loop, observe, orient, decide and act is significant in helping to establish a continuous cycle of feedback and response, creating analysis, synthesis, action and evaluation.

“To discern what is going on, we must interact in a variety of ways with our environment”.

John Boyd, the strategic game 2006

Amelia: “Let’s Talk About ADHD”

Amelia is researching and writing about ADHD “in a bid to better understand [her] diagnosis and to account for why [she] was left undiagnosed for [her] entire childhood and…

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BCM325: Pitchin my DA

Caitlin Olsen

For my digital artefact, I will be addressing my future. That’s right, I get to learn more about my personal career objectives and aspirations through conducting research into the future of the news and media industry in the short-medium term. As we are all aware, print journalism has decreased exponentially recently. So much so, that when we think of media, we mostly think of publications that are accessed online. Whether that be through blogs, television or news platforms that we read online, we are constantly inundated with electronic news.

My forecasted field, magazine journalism (the type of physical mag where you actually flick the pages) is dying, and research only confirms this. Younger generations are less inclined to buy the newspaper due to the convenience and customisation that online journalism offers.

A poll conducted on Twitter regarding how people consume media

In order to understand more deeply the predicted course…

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