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Twitter reflection

Live-tweeting is something I would call skill and something I never thought I would come to do, however it has been interesting and quite challenging to keep up to date. “Live-tweeting is engaging on Twitter during your event by sending a series of tweets on various aspects of the event as it unfolds.” 

Week 1. “2001: A Space Odyssey”

My live-tweeting in week 1 began with limited knowledge about how living tweeting works and the uneducated self in what we were tweeting about. I started in week 1 by finding useful information and readings that could support the movie, yet I outlined in a lot of the tweets about the script of the movie rather than scenes going on. This was early acknowledged and further in the weeks ahead, I changed the direction of where I was tweeting from. I struggled with linking to weekly content and didn’t receive much…

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Pitching Feedback.

Feedback can be one of the most powerful influences on student learning (Hattie and Timperley 2007). And peer feedback assist with recognising faults and give recommendations for improvement. Hence why we are back again on our run of analysing our peer feedback and lessons we have learnt along the way. 

Being 100% honest, giving peer feedback is something I definitely struggle with, yet find the most helpful when reviving feedback from my peers. Feedback from peers enables people to better understand their work from a different perspective and allows them to effectively communicate their ideas and suggestions. I found it interesting to see people choose their ideas around in what they hope the future of their topic might look like, keeping an open mind framework. 

Sophie’s pitch is focusing on fast fashion and the issue surrounding the impact it makes. The focus towards the future looks at how she can…

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G & S Pitch

As I lean towards the end of my degree, I reflect and look back at how my DA progression has changed all over 3 years. Grace and Sage has been running for about 2 years, but very different to what I would have thought it could have been and developed into. However, here I am, breaking down the process behind my DA development and cycle, but particularly focusing on the future of what graphic design may/will look like in the future. See the pitch for some research into the future of graphic design. 

Feedback loop and cycle -

The feedback loop with your audience assist in the key learning moments of your Digital Artefact and is a key role in the development of your project. I will iterate content around 2 major parts this semester; 1. User and audience feedback and 2. How my design page could shape what graphic…

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