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Comment Analysis for Future Cultures part 2



Jacks project is a broad musical exploration into the future. He will be researching the present and past of music to get a firm grip on the understanding of musical history before journeying into the future. Jack had experienced some unexpected personal events therefore he couldn’t deliver on the original scheduled outlined in the Pitch, which was productive of him to acknowledge the iterations he had gone through to produce what he has so far. I provided many sources that will ideally drive him to research a more specific pathway of music, whether that be the elimination of nostalgic discovery of music or the medium of listening to music chanigng due to evolving technology (links provided in the comment). My hope for Jack is to harness the material we have learnt in BCM325 with predictions and cybernetics (cyborgs) in a musical frame; identifying how music can fit into both…

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Twitter Activity BCM325


Blade Runner 2049


This week we can perceive Denis Villeneuve within the group we have studied known as ‘Futurists’. The screening of Blade Runner 2049 taught myself, and possibly similarly the bcm325 community, that the concept of reality was a fluid one. As we have explored in bcm325, the idea of reality was a subject that futurists have debated however overall as futurists we need to evaluate the trends occurring now to perceive them in the future. I believe in this weeks screening I highlighted circumstances in Blade Runner 2049 such as the economic status of replicants and the climate as scenarios that could be predicted from our current state. Thus, recognising these trends is a practise we as aspiring futurists need to highlight as we evaluate how science fiction films provide us with insight of consequences from today. Learning this, I decided to…

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Chae Media: A Beta Future


Chae Media has been working gradually over the years with the support of our magazine designs and blog post content. As per our pitch, we have released podcasts on various topics including Jody Turner and futurist thinking, Our 5 year goal, our audiences preferences and more. However, distinctly, we have discussed the discontinuation of our magazine and how our audience feels and reflects on this possibility.

Upon looking to the future, Chae has considered the logistics of time, resources and money; inspired by our refined futuristic outlook on trends via Jody Turner’s understanding of anthropology (how we got here and where we go from here). With the demands of many other features like video content and etsy shopping – the continuation of our magazine can not be as often as we usually permit.

Relative to the Jody Turner study we had undertaken, these preferences skewing to bite-size video content was…

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Twitter Activity: BCM325




for the screening of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, i tried to center my tweets on what was visually happening whilst watching the silent film. I enjoyed symbolically breakind down the film and identifying where science fiction as a lens into the fear of the future started; fear of rising technology mimicing humans. I had also done academic resarch which i found interesting but not as engaging to others as there wasn’t an article they could go to if they wanted to see the information i tweeted about. I tried to keep my tweets in threads of subject matter as well, so others could see how my thought processes developed throughout the movie.


as for the engagements, i tried to provide people with as much articles as i could on subjects they were bringing up…

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Comment Analysis: BCM325


Sheng Cheng

Sheng Cheng and ShuNing Li will be looking into different chinese restaurants and filming themselves so audiences can experience vicariously through them. They believe that audiences interested in food, particularly food as an experience and interesting food, will be able to utilise their videos as entertainment and inspiration.

see comment here

my suggestion for this team was to look more into the future of food and the future of restaurants. With the research that i found, it looks like food portions will increase with an increasing popularity growth. Not only this, but natural whole-food options will become much more popular over the latter. However, concurrent to this, values in food waste management will over take the food industry. Thus i introduced the suggestion of looking into how food and chinese restaurants can stay on the right side of food wastage, leaving a positive imprint on the earth. I…

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BCM325 Pitch – Chae Media

Chae will be divulging into the future in two predominant ways; discussing the future in reflection of BCM325 material on our podcast and creating a 5 year plan that foresees where we want our business to be and how we want to conquer the small business economical regime whilst it ‘takes-off’.

We have decided to create a podcast due to the recent overwhelming evidence of their rising popularity due to the current pandemic. The reason we have decided to do podcasts is because of their benefits in creative production such as ease in consumption, portability and personalisation. Particularly as we are planning as per our production timeline to release weekly, our interaction should be heightened. 

Chae aspires to grow the ‘student insights’s features within our magazines as small business representation. Recent research has shown us that the small business regime is a growing powerful phenomena, “The  various  positive  changes  taking  place  in the  economies  of  countries  are  inextricably linked with the development of small business and private entrepreneurship.” (Ismoilov, 2020). We believe committing to small business representation will be beneficial for our brand considering these trends.

The five year plan we aspire to implement has been guided by business academics that stimulate us with the ‘five stages of business growth’ (Churchill & Lewis, 1983) where we currently reside in the ‘existence’ stage. Therefore our current concerns are “obtaining customers and delivering the product or service contracted for.” however we will maintain guidance via a business framework which will embody our report for the 5 year plan.