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Future of Gaming DA

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Throughout this semester I was tasked with creating a digital artifact that addressed the future. Having a keen interest in gaming as it is one of my hobbies, I pursued that topic. I thought about ways to present the discussion and research involved in my digital artifact, and i found that a podcast was what worked best for me. In a previous digital artifact I had created a podcast called Comino and Cuffy. I decided to continue that podcast for this DA.

I firstly however ran into a problem with continuing the DA as I had forgot my login details for the soundcloud account. This put me in a put of a predicament as I wasn’t sure if I should start another soundcloud account. I decided to create a new one and leave the old episodes on the old account. With that being said here is the digital artifact…

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Peer Beta Review – BCM325

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With our betas recently coming out it was time for another peer review, with freedom to pick who you wanted to give feedback to, I tried to pick people doing topics that I am somewhat knowledgeable in and that I can provide good feedback to them.  With that being said, it was specifically people talking about gaming as my Beta is a podcast about gaming.

Comment 1Emma’s Beta

comment 1

With Emma’s beta, she talks about an online gaming platform called ‘Adonis’ which is suppose to be a platform similar to that of steam and google Stadia. It was made clear that with Adonis it wasn’t meant to be anything related to cross-platform gaming but more or less a gaming platform that can go on ANY platform. Something like this seemed really interesting to me and I briefly mentioned the potential of in the future being some way of being…

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Live Tweeting 2 – BCM325

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It’s fair to say coming into this subject that I hadn’t live tweeted before. Prior to BCM in general I never touched twitter, even while doing BCM I barely use twitter as much as I should. Throughout this subject’s live tweeting, I have gained a bigger interest in twitter as a whole if i’m being honest.

As shown in my previous blog post regarding live tweeting, it was pretty clear through the week 1 and 2 live tweets that I had no idea what I was doing, i’m happy to say that I feel like I have definitely improved the quality as well as quantity of my live tweeting as the weeks went on.

 Week 6 – Ghost in the Shell


With Ghost in the Shell, I noticed that the opening credits had a distinct matrix kind of ‘vibe’ and tweeted it. Through some interaction with fellow classmates I actually…

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Future of Gaming – BCM325

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To start things off with this beta, I am a bit behind. To give a rundown of what my beta is, I have decided to follow through with what I pitched earlier in the semester. Comino and Cuffy, the podcast. It has returned. As described in the video, I have decided to keep the medium as Soundcloud and in doing so created a new one for obvious reasons stated in the video. As I am behind I have only managed to put out one episode so far which was titled Virtual Reality & Technology. There are more episodes coming and I do plan on getting into a weekly schedule with the uploads.

adaidwaodaodiwa Episode 1 – Virtual reality & Technology

A main thing that I wanted to improve upon with this podcast compared to other podcasts was the fact that the audio quality. I planned on utilizing UOW’s recording studios for…

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Live Tweeting – BCM325

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Through all our weeks for bcm325, we have been watching cyberpunk films and live tweeting about them. Prior to this subject, i had never live tweeted and was a bit thrown off first week, but I can definitely see some improvement as the weeks went on.

Week 1 – Metropolis

My first week live tweeting metropolis was definitely my weakest week for live tweeting as it was a new concept to me and I had never done it before.


I literally tweeted one thing at the start… I saw a lot of what other people were tweeting but I didn’t really wanna regurgitate what people were saying so I just sort of switched off and watched the film. Overall I just wasn’t sure of what to tweet as well, this was definitely my weakest live tweeting weak.

Week 2 – 2001 A Space Odyssey

Unfortunately I was sick this week…

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Pitch Peer Review – BCM325

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First Commend – Ethan’s Blog


Ethan’s digital artifact for this subject is about the future of churches during all the COVID-19 pandemic going on right now. I thought this is a brilliant idea and a really unique one as there are so many changes that are gonna be unexpected and yet to come during this pandemic. I think it’s going to make for a really interesting digital artifact and a very unique one. I linked him an article about the how digital churches are on the rise from this pandemic.

Second Comment – Imogen’s Blog

As soon as I posted on the the blog I couldn’t find the comment on the blog so here is the link to the comment, hopefully it will show when it gets approved. Basically Imogen is continuing her digital artifact from BCM112, which I think is an awesome idea as I am also continuing…

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The Future & Gaming – BCM325

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For my digital artifact I have decided to continue with an old DA called Comino & Cuffy, this was a podcast series I did for a previous subject. I plan to continue it with changes and focusing on this subject and particular gaming in the future. I pan on creating weekly episodes with my co-host Tim as we talk about gaming in the future, virtual reality, new games and whatever topics that may arise from this topic.

I have decided to stick with a podcast as it is a much more easier and chill way to present information over a video essay or something like that. Everything is still early for this digital artifact and open to change when feedback arrives.

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