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Connor Lennon: Digital Artefact

My Digital Artefact is represented in a series of podcasts that addresses the sport of surfing. Not necessarily the sport itself but the culture that surrounds the sport. taking an in-depth investigation into individual elements of the culture such as social media, business ventures, innovative technologies and other features of the sport. The podcasts would assess the topic and theorise the future trajectory of the world of surfing in regards to the analysis of patterns and trends experienced in the past and present. I was fortunate enough to secure a co-host Nicholas Isakkson in this podcast which greatly assisted in a conversational aspect to the DA.  In the initial stages of this digital artefact, my main goal was to address the realm of social media, this was a major interest of mine for its power to completely reshape industries and allow new pathways that don’t necessarily adhere to the normal professional sporting structure. Academic Gashaw Abeza writes in Relationship of marketing and Social media in Sport “social media opened up a wider opportunity to stay in touch with customers in a direct way, to engage in dialogue and know and understand customers than better before”. This basis for my DA allowed me to investigate my first podcast on Instagram and its impact on surfing’s online presence.

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Twitter Round 2

The second round of tweeting was an interesting spectacle, to say the least. Following on from the feedback received from the previous assignment it was clear as a cohort, individuals truly stepped up and realised the importance of creating discussions and debatable topics. This encouraged far more in-depth analysis of the film and indefinitely increasing knowledge of the film. creating and maintaining top quality and insightful tweets is a difficult thing to master and curate however I do feel my tweets achieved greater engagement this time along with personally engaging in others.

Week 8: I, Robot

Following the break, bringing myself back into the routine of tweeting was a difficult task which I believe was a common trend amongst the class, combined with the fact I love this film. Maintaining quality tweets tough, however, I feel as though some of my tweets achieved a sense of accomplishment in their engagement. posts received far more likes and retweets than I had experienced in previous films which is largely positive. In the previous reflection, it was encouraged to utilise scholarly articles. My tweet regarding the term “Ghost in the Machine” received retweets and likes but no engagement other than my mistake of not incorporating a link to my finding. Engagement with others increased which is a major improvement since previous occasions

Week 9: Robot And Frank (2012)

Week 10: Marjorie Prime (2017)

Similarly to Robot and Frank, I offered far more insightful tweets and what I believe would spark somewhat philosophical discussion about the film, Including quotes from the director that I held a preconceived notion would be a conduit for greater discussion. Posing questions that after weeks of this task would promote debate however this was not the case. I did receive some engagement in my tweets such as likes and retweets but minimal comments. I did increase my personal engagement with others to try and promote discussion of the film which was beneficial to the class and the thread.

Week 11: Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Week12: The Matrix (1999)

The final screening session exceeded my expectations of myself and others in the tutorial. I feel as though this was attributed to associating the film with a newfound angle to the Matrix. Angus pointed out the coming out of the directors as transgender. This new angle completely reshaped my research and viewing of the film which in turn reshaped a primary focus of my tweets. societal discussions towards the queer perspective of the film appeared far more insightful leading to different paths in which previous weeks had become.

I was able to pose a question that secured a genuine discussion amongst my peers, this was something I had been trying to accomplish throughout this semester will little success. Open questions had always been the goal though I had never managed to gain the amount of insightful engagement that I had with this tweet. I attribute this to a realisation it is indeed the final week, therefore, students click into gear of what is expected of them but also it was a matter of asking the right questions which I had not yet succeeded in.

A flaw in the task: I believe this task experiences a major flaw within the individuals who are apart of it. There is a level of lack of self-confidence that is present in each week’s task with a constant reliance on humour and closed comments or basic links. As a collective, it is difficult to move forward when everyone is stuck on the same path. A possible way to overcome said issues could be in-class workshops to increase user awareness of the need to be more investigative and tweeting skills. accessible online toolboxes are difficult to utilise in real time when one represents a lack of self-confidence in the online sphere. This is something that could be a good starting point for further growth within this specific task.

Overall I genuinely did enjoy this task and I do believe it was one of my favourite tutorials I have ever had at university for its difference to general norms of a tutorial but also the skills I have gained about the Twitter-sphere. the Analytical process of future cultures within the themes of each film was a new approach that I thoroughly enjoyed.


The Beta Comments- Connor Lennon

Tanmayi Kotamraju- Talks With Tan

Tanmayi’s digital artefact is a podcast uploaded to SoundCloud that conducts an investigation into social media and artificial intelligence. Her idea is very interesting as it has a major impact on the future of technology and the world in the coming years.

The feedback I offered to Tanmayi I believe has the potential to be quite helpful in creating a successful podcast and digital artefact. I was quite interested in her chosen topic as it is both frightening and fascinating to realise the true impact this technology has. Initially, in my feedback, I touched on how her use of the podcast format on SoundCloud was by far the best choice in delivering a DA that offers informative narratives and easily accessible. In commenting on the positives of a podcast approach I did touch on how this topic is quite dense and can potentially run dry therefore it may be beneficial to make the podcasts slightly shorter as it will allow more in-depth listener attention.
Tanmayi has only released one podcast so far that investigates AI and filter bubbles. These concepts are incredibly broad and difficult to narrow down however I feel Tanmayi had conducted substantial research in this podcast. Following on from the filter bubble topic I offered the idea of possibly investigating filter bubbles again on a political scale relative to social media, not only the US but the recent Australian elections too. This allows user engagement as they can identify with points made as this has had an impact on all of us recently. I offered this article that could be beneficial if she were to choose this path.  Fake news and ideological polarization: Filter bubbles and selective exposure on social media.
As said previously this is a massive topic that has the potential to be an information overload so I put forward the idea for Tanmayi to make the podcasts incorporate more relatable content, such as personal anecdotes and adding in sounds that engage the user more.

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Jessica Laubhan- Beta Presentation: Where I’m At

Jessica’s digital artefact was to be an investigation into what is the future of Online marketing. Analysing past and present approaches to online marketing and predicting how that will impact future patterns and trends.

Within my feedback to Jessica’s beta presentation and her first podcast, I was able to offer my opinion on them. My comments were largely complementary as I feel her idea is something quite intriguing and has the potential to impact the future to a large extent if done correctly. Personally, when I listen to podcasts I enjoy relatable content that can be personally identified within which I feel Jessica had done in her first podcast regarding native advertising. Touching on things we all experience when advertisers utilise our search patterns and frequent visits to ensure they can be regularly viewed on sperate platforms. Jessica has a grasp on who her target audience is and therefore being able to easily identify with ideas allows for greater engagement.
At the end of Jessica’s first podcast, she outlined what she will be investigating in the podcasts to come such as the monetisation and copyright of online advertisements which I commented could be potentially dry as it is such a dense topic. In my comment, I offered topics she could potentially use in other podcasts. I put forward the idea of conducting a podcast into the specific technologies or platforms in which we view advertisements. placing a focus on how it has changed from the past which can allow Jessica to offer her prediction of the future.
Another idea I put forward for Jessica was for her to potentially do a ‘pro-tips’ style podcast in which she can outline the best places to advertise or the best techniques to do so. The benefits of this for her podcast are large as a business can utilise fresh ideas. I put forward an article that investigates online trends. Future Prospects of Online vs Traditional Media in Marketing Communication
As she could critique the success of the techniques and sites.

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Nathan Kendrick-  Future Cultures – Assessment 2

Nathan’s digital artefact surrounded the topic of music and his personal prediction on what music may sound like in the future. This topic is incredibly interesting as music is so subjective it will be interesting to hear his take on the future progression of the genre. He plans to create short audio files that individually show music in different periods in the future.

Nathan offers an interesting aesthetic to his digital artefact, his beta video went against the norm in terms of lighting and appearance as he wore a mask accompanied with hellish red mood lighting. The video itself was quite short therefore securing a certain idea on what he was actually creating was quite difficult as I pointed that including a small snippet on what he had created for this DA in the beta presentation would have granted myself and other viewers greater knowledge on what he was actually creating.
Following from this, I encouraged Nathan to potentially investigate is past ideas of what an authentic artist is in comparison to now along with research into past technologies compared to modern technologies. These investigations can allow personal predictions of what music could potentially be like based on the analysis of trends. I put forward the idea of investigating streaming services as the discussion of these can similarly aid in deducing future patterns. I Offered this article which can potentially aid in his research. Interaction, Experience and the Future of Music. this was to be of use in a contextual essay in aiding the progression of ideas.

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Overall, I feel as if my feedback could be of use in the final submission of these digital artefacts as I have offered possible further direction for these assignments.

Beta Presentation: Connor Lennon

Hi guys, so this is the project in its working but beta format. Since the pitch, I discovered through feedback that it was a little vague so throughout the weeks leading up to now this video should illustrate the narrowing down of the idea. The podcast format is best for this assignment as “Podcasts have proven the perfect tool to share knowledge and information in the world’s most highly censored areas.” (Frary, 2017) Over the weeks creating this DA, I have found that it does have a niche market .to the surfing community however I am under the impression that there are some topics that I have covered and plan to cover that is inclusive of the technology community such as discussions about business ventures and future technologies such as virtual reality or wave pools. Discussion of these technologies signifies an inclusive nature of a sport once deemed purely for those invested within the surfing world.

Frary, m. (2017). Power to the podcast: Podcasting is bringing a whole new audience to radio and giving investigative journalism a boost. Plus, our handy guide to making your own podcasts – Mark Frary, 2017. [online] SAGE Journals. Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2019]

BCM325 Pitch Connor Lennon

The idea of creating a Digital artefact that would impact the future in 5, 10, 25 or 50 years is incredibly broad and difficult to pinpoint however utilising my knowledge of the surfing culture along with an invested interest in the sport this project is fitting for me personally. The project will utilise the podcast method, a simple method that will be conducted weekly. Each week discussing a new topic that impacts the surfing world. Delivering facts and opinions that you may not know. Podcasts will be posted on the blog and will include further imagery emphasising points raised within the podcast.