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Twitter Interaction Part Two

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During the second half of this semester’s screenings, I’ve once again been live-tweeting along with the #BCM325 hashtag. While I still didn’t manage a great deal of interactions, I tried some new things with my tweets that I didn’t in part one, which I’ll highlight below.

By posting a more comical tweet, highlighting the fact there was a community posting vegan memes surrounding The Matrix, I hoped to garner more peer interactions.

Another new feature I tried during the screening of Blade Runner 2049 was a poll, allowing peers to vote and share their opinions on a question

During this second lot of live-tweeting, I also tried to provoke more discussion by asking or reiterating questions implied by the screening, something I found a mixed success rate with but did manage to receive more replies on than my usual tweets.

My most liked tweet of the second half of semester…

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BCM325 Peer Beta Interactions

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Approaching the end of semester, a whole lot of BCM325 projects have now entered the digital stratosphere. With a sudden change in structure for my own project, its cool to see how other students’ projects are coming along.

With that being said, below is a collection of my interactions with three peers’ project betas.

First up we have Mai. Mai is doing work with UOW creative, which she highlighted mainly through a contextual video embedded in her blog post. My comment is below:

Hi Mai

This is a cool project! I’ve been seeing UOW Creative pop up over the internet this semester so it’s nice to come across someone who has become part of it. While your video was pretty informative, I would’ve liked to have seen some examples of your specific posts or individual items you’ve worked on just to see here in the blog how they’re progressing…

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BCM325 Beta

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During my project pitch, I told you I was interested in looking into Electric cars, and now here we are; time for the first reveal.

I’ve stuck with the idea of a Podcast, and while that is hard to squeeze into a 4 minute snippet, I’m planning on doing a two-three-or four episode series each looking at a different aspect of the market and why Australia isn’t embracing it.

While the first of these is currently in production, they’ll likely be in the 7-12 minute range and thus for this beta I have created something a little different for you and the internet to enjoy: A trailer for the series, complete with a bit of audio from the first episode to satisfy the whole ‘beta’ part of the assignment. I am still working on the first episode and thus its not online yet, but having this trailer up for some…

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Twitter Presence Summary

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Live tweeting during a screening is something pretty new to me, I must admit. During the first two weeks I found it hard to keep my attention on what was happening on the film if I was taking periodic breaks to tweet something, and vice versa.

Thus, I feel my earliest tweets in the opening weeks are likely the weakest of the bunch, and similarly garnered the least interactions from peers. They largely relied on information I had read online prior to the screening, as seen below:

Week one also brought one of my most ‘popular’ tweets, however, when I posted a meme/observational photo I found online:

This style of tweeting did gather some likes and retweets from my peers, but was rather unhelpful as far as furthering anybodies learning experience, so in future weeks I did attempt to add some more educational style tweets:

One of these style of…

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Peer DA Pitch Comments

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This post will detail the three comments I contributed on fellow BCM325 students’ DA Pitches. In all, I tried to give some honest feedback, encouragement as I commented on three pitches I enjoyed and believe have promise, as well as linking at least one source for future information the student may find useful. In critically analysing my comments as a whole, I would say they could maybe be a little more specific and insightful, although I hope the students got something out of them nonetheless.

Comment 1 –

My first comment (seen above) was on a student’s blog, whom I’d never met before. Thus I tried to keep it quite formal. Sanjaya is planning on creating a video series on the future of meat, something I think is quite an interesting concept. I offered him some feedback on what I thought of his pitch and likened it to my…

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DA pitch – Electric Cars

My DA pitch

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For my BCM325 DA, I have decided to try something different.

I want to look at the effect switching from petrol to electric cars can have on increasing our planet’s liveability. Pollution from petrol and diesel vehicles are a huge problem for our planet, and some Governments have realised such and enacted policies to make the switch to electric vehicles mandatory in future.

Personally, I’m not too experienced at either podcasts or video blogging, but these are currently the two methods of delivery I’m considering to deliver my research and DA.

You can find my video introducing the project idea below.

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