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Digital Artefact: Contextual Essay


For my digital artefact, I chose to run the social media accounts for my friend’s small business, Pottery Box. This included TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.



Concept & Methodology

My DA addresses the future by following patterns shown from studies of social media platforms. Instagram’s increase in users is slowly declining, expected to grow 1% by in two years’ time. (Olson, E. J. & Daisey, K., 2020)However, TikTok’s increase is gaining each year, and at this pace it is expected to overtake Instagram. (Doyle, 2021) I wanted to set up a TikTok account for Pottery Box, to set up the business’ social media presence while TikTok is still slightly under the radar, therefore when the app becomes, as predicted, more popular than Instagram, and there is more competition, the business already has an established account and following.

My DA is focused on predictions of social media performance. In…

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Tweet Curation


For these next five weeks of tweeting, I was able to take what I learned from the first lot of tweets, in order to plan informative and relevant tweets each week.

Week 6-Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The biggest thing I learned from the first lot of tweets was to prepare during the week before the screening. This not only helped me reach the tweet limit each week, but it also gave me insight into what themes and relevant future-related technology was being covered in each movie. For example, Blade Runner 2049’s setting was based on a polluted future, judging on how the world will look if things keep going the way they are.

Week 7-The Matrix (1999)

For The Matrix, I was able to draw comparisons between it and Ghost in the Shell, as certain elements of The Matrix was inspired by the latter. I was also able to tweet…

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Peer Commentary


first comment

The first Beta I looked at was Lydia’s, which is a blog that talks about relevant news and updates on the environment. The main issue addressed is a lack of audience engagement.

Comment Summary:

  • I suggested Lydia creates a separate blog for their DA, as they were using their BCM blog to post, and I thought it might be confusing for a reader to navigate
  • They mentioned in their beta that they are considering promoting on Instagram, and I agreed that it would be helpful to promote on that platform, using relevant hashtags to find the right audience
  • I then shared an article I found on promoting blogs, and something I specifically pulled from the article was guest-posting, as it could help with exposure

Lydia was reluctant to use Instagram, and I think I could have done further research to find ways to promote via WordPress, rather than…

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Tweet Curation


The past five weeks I was required to live tweet alongside the sci-fi movie screenings as part of BCM325.

Due to enrolling in the subject late, I missed the screening for Metropolis, so there are no Tweets to feature about that movie.

Week 2-2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

During my first week of live tweeting, I quickly discovered that doing research prior to the screening would be beneficial to my tweeting. I did do some research during the film and was able to tweet, as well as interact, using relevant sources. However, majority of my tweets were based on my own thoughts and ideas inspired by the movie, and my interactions were mostly limited to retweets and likes.

Week 3-Westworld (1973)

This week I did some research and drafted tweets prior to the screening. I was able to then take information from a tweet I had drafted and pair it…

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Peer Commentary


For BCM325, I had to comment on three of my peers’ DA pitches. I provided feedback using my own research on their topics, as well as referencing learned lecture content.

First Comment

The first pitch I commented on was Victoria’s. Her DA is a Twitch account on which she’ll be streaming herself playing video games, as well as an Instagram account she’ll be using to promote her Twitch channel.

Comment Summary:

  • Tori’s research revealed that Twitch streamers have seen an increase in popularity during lockdown, so I suggested an article that discusses the future of gaming post-coronavirus
  • She didn’t include a posting plan in her pitch, so I offered her research on how often she should be posting on Instagram and Twitch. It is recommended everyday on Instagram, and 3-5 days on Twitch, so I suggested she make a posting schedule to keep her on track
  • The only social media…

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