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Currently in my first year of University completing a double degree in Journalism and International Studies at the University of Wollongong in Wollongong NSW, Australia.

The wild ride of a digital artefact: A contextual essay

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I’ve said it before in both my pitch and beta videos, and I’ll say it again: the concept of a digital artefact was completely foreign to me before this class, and what a learning experience it has been!

From the moment I received feedback on my pitch I mostly felt frustration. While  I received some great feedback from my classmates, I quickly figured out the original concept for my project wasn’t going to work out.  I initially planned to make three video essays but I quickly realised that technology is not exactly my strong point and it would take me far too long to create one video, let alone three. My idea then evolved into blog posts, and as a former journalism student, this was a medium that I was far more comfortable with.

Not only did the medium for my digital artefact change, so too did the content matter…

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Tweeting up a Storm- Reflections on Live Tweeting Round 2

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Alright, this blog post is dedicated to the second round of reflecting on the live tweeting process. I think ultimately that after some of the feedback I received on my first blog post, it was clear to me that I needed to give my tweets a little more sustenance. The other thing that I needed to improve upon was making sure that I was hitting the target of at least ten tweets per screening as I previously had a few weeks where I only wrote eight tweets. To help me prepare for more engaging live tweets I decided that I would research the movie before watching it. This ended up being an extremely helpful decision, especially with movies that had more complex plot lines. Taking into account all of these things mentioned I came out with a far better and more complex line of thought, which reflects in the following…

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Beta Than Before -Reflections- Part 2

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Alright, round two for reflections on comments, this time for my classmates beta videos. Since the first round of commenting on other students digital artefacts, we have all developed and fine-tuned our ideas and have some sort of prototype of our projects. I looked at and commented on three of my classmates beta videos. I found this round of commenting a little more challenging than the first round because everyone had really developed their ideas, making it harder to give constructive criticism. Overall I was really impressed with everyone’s progress on their digital artefacts and my comments to them reflect that. The commenting process as well as reflecting on the comments I made to other students, has been extremely helpful in terms of continuing with my own digital artefact.

My first comment was to Kassi. For her digital artefact, she is going to be creating three video essays examining…

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Tweet Tweet Tweet: Assessment 1- Part 1- Post 1

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 I’m not new to Twitter, but I certainly haven’t used it to live tweet while also trying to watch a deep, complex film, that on occasion is silent, or sometimes in a different language with subtitles you have to read while also being able to understand enough of the plot to look away and construct your tweet, as well as interacting with our classmates tweets! And yes, that is supposed to be one long run on sentence so you can feel the pain of how difficult it can be to watch movies while simultaneously tweeting up a storm.

To say live tweeting has been an interesting experience full of a few ups and downs is an understatement, but that being said each week seems to get a little easier, sans the Ghost in the Shell week.

Without further ado, here is a curation of some of my best tweet, retweets…

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Pitch Please… Assessment 1- Part 1- Post 2

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For this part of the assessment I looked at four different blog posts and analysed their digital artefact pitch. I enjoyed this process because every post I looked at had such unique concepts that they wanted to explore, and each pitch also had different methods of execution for their DA project. The feedback system is also extremely helpful in that it allows to us think critically about our own projects and gain insight from others that we might not have thought of.

Scrawl Studio by Caitlin

The first pitch I examined was Caitlin’s. The concept for her Digital Artefact pitch was a VR art gallery. If I understand correctly she will be displaying pieces from her on personal collection that she has created herself. I really like this concept because I think that AR and VR applications will be very prevalent in the future. Already there are numerous VR…

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D.A. Pitch

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Before enrolling into Future Cultures I had absolutely no idea what a digital artefact was, I’m still not entirely sure I completely understand it but I’ll give this pitch a red hot go anyways! In BCM325 we are encouraged to think about the future, what does it look like in 2 years? 10 years? 100 years? This seemed like a good starting place for my project. I have my own ideas of what my future looks like and ideas for how I will get there, but I want to know what other people- people who have the ability to create the future, are doing. What are the goals for researchers in medicine? What is the future of agriculture? What will advances in technology like artificial intelligence mean for humans in a future world? These are the things I will explore by creating 3 short videos, interviewing people who are not…

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