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I'm a 3rd-year student at the University of Wollongong. I'm currently studying Communications and Media (Major Digital and Social Media, Minor in Graphic Design).

Are you SURE you want to buy that? | A Beta Report

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BCM325 Beta Video

The process of completing my video essay has been relatively smooth, I predominately been researching and re-reading old research, as this project is a continuation from my previous BCM212 my curiosity study. I’ve had no issue when it comes to addressing the 30-50yr future element of my project, as most sources I’ve found have had a ‘what could possibly happen‘ section embedded in their article.

The only major hurdle I’m currently facing is finding enough academic material to include in my video essays. Whilst I’ve found plenty of non-academic research relevant to my topics, I want to include as many content specific academic sources as possible, to add to the overall reliability of my video essays. I plan to remedy this situation by trying to find as many relevant journal articles as possible via database, the UOW library site and Google Scholar.


Maiti, R…

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Daily Dash of Danielle

Apart of the BCM325 subject we are required to live screen a movie per week and engage in the online conversation that is happening with our peers via Twitter. It is in this conversation we are able to reflect on themes, construct comparative analysis’ and have an open discussion about the live screening.

Week One – Metropolis

I found tweeting in week one to be one of the most challenging by far. It took me a while to get used to being able to watch the movie, analyse it and keep up with the constant conversation that was happening via Twitter. My tweets that week consisted of a range of different comparisons to other films, such as “Snowpiercer” and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”. I found that both of these comparisons sparked a really interesting discussion thread, where my peers were wanting to…

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Comment Review

Daily Dash of Danielle

Throughout the duration of BCM325 we are required to comment on 3 of our peer’s pitch ideas. This allows us to interact and give relevant feedback to our classmates, whilst also broadening the ways in which we think about the future. Ultimately assisting us in coming up with new and innovative approaches to look at our own projects.

Comment 1“How will Retail Therapy Change? #BCM325 PITCH <33” By Stephanie Jory.

Stephanie’s project is a 3-part weblog series that focus’ on the longevity of the retail industry, in a world where ecommerce is on the rise. I found this project interesting because it raises a lot of questions about the retail industry and its validity in the 21st century. In my comment I mentioned her ability to directly link her project back to the weekly lecture content material, as this was an overall standout to me because none…

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Are you sure you want to buy that?

Daily Dash of Danielle

My BCM325 Pitch

This Digital Artefact will be an indirect continuation of a previous project I completed in BCM212 for my #MYCURIOSITY study. This project will look at similar components to my previous study e.g., what is the fast fashion industry and what are the relevant environmental impacts? However, in order to stay relevant to the BCM325 subject, I will be predominately focusing on how these impacts are going to affect the future.

I will create a series of 3 short video essays that will be uploaded to YouTube, this ensures I’m following the F.I.S.T methodology. Everything I will be creating will be fast and inexpensive, as I’m using a platform that allows me to upload freely and with relative ease. Furthermore, the main concept I’ve planned for each video is to answer one question per video, which ensures I am following all the key principals of F.I.S.T (Fast, Inexpensive…

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