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BCM 325 – Live Tweeting Round 2

Daniel Salvato

This is the second round-up of all the movies we watched during the semester.

My Experience live-tweeting:

In my previous post, I discussed how live-tweeting was personally difficult. Specifically in presenting well thought out ideas and having them actually make sense.

But it was during the second half of the semester that I found myself actually presenting well thought out ideas while still keeping up with the movie, something I had previously struggled with. I think this naturally came with more experience composing quickfire thoughts and writing them out. Something I had previously never done.

Live Tweets:


The anthroposphere is a topic covered in a previous lecture that stuck with me and changed the way I viewed the upcoming sci-fi films and what I discussed when live-tweeting.

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Keeping up with the Peers

Daniel Salvato

This week we were tasked with going over our fellow peers’ pitches and give out feedback.

My Feedback:

Natalie is basing her digital artifact around Live Music, and analyzing the future of it. Her DA is really inspired, and her pitch video and blog were really well put together. The only bit of criticism was to put her timeline in a chart to help visualize it.

For my research I drew from my own knowledge within Live Music, and referenced an academic Journal explaining the phenomenon known as Hatsune Miku, a virtual idol that performs on real stages despite being completely computer generated. I feel this example, and article could help her frame her findings around the evolution of live music as it approaches it through the non-traditional route of non western music.

In terms of self reflection, I feel I should have explained more of the key concepts…

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BCM 325 – The Live Tweeting Experience

Daniel Salvato

These past 4 weeks we’ve been watching movies to do with the future, but with a twist. Throughout the movie me, along with over 30 students would live tweet using the hashtag #BCM325.

These tweets consist of reactions to the movie, certain themes or motifs, all the way to facts we find while researching. 

Here are all the tweets from these films:

2001 a Space Odyssey:

West World:

Blade Runner:

Ghost In The Shell:

The tweets themselves help to vocalize the kinds of thoughts and questions you have while watching the movie, which allows for an open conversation with other students, as they’re experiencing the same thing as you.

This audio helps to elaborate on my thought process and the kinds of thoughts that go through my head as I made my tweets:

The experience helps to bring in the perspective of others while watching these movies, as most students…

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Analyzing the Future of Gaming

Daniel Salvato

For my digital artifact I’m looking into the gaming niche once more to see the past and current technology, from consoles, to things like VR to determine its influence on the future.

I’ll do this through looking at its current advancements, as well as its shortcomings to determine my version of gaming technology.

In the Pitch itself I very briefly touched on it, but I’ve outlined the complete Production Timeline for my Digital Artifact.

As shown, I’ve outlined the complete process that goes into creating a video for my Digital Artifact. With this format it allows me to stay consistent, and know exactly where I am in the process, that way I don’t get lost during the creation of the video.

I’ve also outlined a production Timeline to show what my Digital Artifact will look like over the course of the semester.

The reason for a post every 2 weeks…

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