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BCM325 A1.2 Devin Winnie

I believe that my comment improved during the Beta presentations and provided more in-depth feedback to help develop the DAs. I tried to find outside research for everyone, I was only able to get it for two of the three pitches that I reviewed. I think that I could have improved my feedback if I had gone back and watched the original pitch to have a more thorough understanding of the project.



Glossy project

The evolution of your DA from blog posts to a website is a good idea. Since you are addressing the future of the magazine industry it will be interesting to observe it from where you believe the future of zine culture is. I think zeroing in on what aspects of the magazine industry you want to focus on will help you figure out how to address the issue of near vs longterm per the subject outline. I think looking at what has caused magazine to fail vs the magazine that have succeeded would be an interesting comparison.

I think it could be interesting to look at various digital forums, such as snapchat and how they have been replacing written words with videos under magazine publishers <>

Diversity, communication, and culture

This sounds like it will be a great thing for the society, and seems like you’ve created a fair bit of graphics to upgrade the page. I think would be interesting to add a blog post or two discussing what you have done and how it will benefit the society in the future even after you have graduated. You mentioned looking into the history of clubs and societies and I think that using that research and outlining how it will help you to create a future for DMS would be an interesting read. I had a hard time finding any journal articles from a quick google search so it may take some digging to find beneficial articles studying the longevity of university clubs and societies.

Overall I think your DA will be great for DMS.

3d Prnited corals:

It’s unfortunate that you were limited to the type of coral you could print, but I am interested to see your blog posts on 3D printing for coral restorations. You seem to have a good amount of research into this topic. I personally do not know much about 3D printing, but I do think the issues of coral reefs is incredibly timely.

I think the hardest part of your DA will be getting four more prints done in time, as you mentioned that 3D printing to completion can be tricky. I think including videos of your 3D prints in your blogs would be a fun way to give your readers a visual of what you are talking about.

I think it would be interesting you to look at how 3D printing is evolving, and if there is any new technology being developed in that realm that could make printing on a large scale more reliable, as well as addressing the issue of human destruction on the ocean. Will printed coral reefs solve the problems that climate change is causing in the ocean? <>

Looking forward to seeing your final DA.

A1.2 Devin Winnie

I believe that I successfully improved the academic quality of my tweets over the second half of the semester. Beginning in week 8 I started to use outside sources to add to the depth of my comments. I believe that I improved my re-tweets by adding additional comments to engage or challenge the ideas being posed. However, I did decrease in the volume of tweets made during class since I did not pre plan my tweets—so I spent a fair bit of class time looking up academic articles. In the future I think it would be advantageous to do some pre-planning and have content ready to post before live tweeting starts. Overall, I believe that the content of my tweets have improved.

A1. Post 1, Devin Winnie

I found that ‘Space Odyssey’ was the easiest film to engage with on Twitter. I was able to get into discussions with other classmates about both artistic choices made in the film as well as ideas of human, technology relationships that Kubrick rose. I had one discussion with Johnathon that delved into romantic human, robot relationships and how they have evolved past sci-fi movies into the real world. I believe Johnathon brought some interesting evidence of a male marrying a robot in VR that I could have engaged with more. However, I was able to bring some film comparisons to the topic, specifically with the movie ‘Her’. While there could have been a more in-depth discussion about the points being raised in both movies and the contrast that a real-world VR wedding has, we were able to scratch the surface and get some ideas going.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 4.01.42 PM

While I have had some academic, thoughtful tweets I have had an equal amount of less academic, less serious tweets. Some of those tweets have been successful in bring about interesting anecdotes from others about the film itself. Such as my tweet regarding getting high on acid during ‘Space Odyssey’ and Matilda’s response. While my tweet could have been posed in a more serious manner it still successfully created discussion and engagement. A fair bit of my ‘shit posting’ has successfully led to some form of conversation amongst peers, and I believe that any conversation is often better than no engagement.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 4.04.22 PM.png

The area that most of my tweets have revolved around across all the films we have watched is the ethical human, robot relationship- specifically romantically. The ‘West World’ robots brought up interesting ethical questions of consent amongst sex robots and the killing of robots in general. While my response to questions posed by another classmate’s tweet could have delved deeper into philosophical thought machines, I believe that I did a good job of broadening her question into more relatable areas of today’s societies to make the ethical dilemma one we face every day for some people.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 4.00.58 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 4.01.10 PM


Overall, I have a sold half and half ration of academic, thoughtful engagement vs shit posting. However, I believe that is part of the Twitter environment and shit posting can end up generating equally thoughtful engagement amongst users. I believe that some of my tweets could be improved if I started seeking out sources to back up my opinions. I could also do a better job of engaging in discussion with other’s tweets rather than just liking the tweet and moving on. Our tutorial brings a lot of interesting facts, opinions, and insights into the live tweeting and more through engagement could easily be achieved.

A1. Post 2, Devin Winnie

In all three of my comments I believe that I did a good job of reminding what the marking criteria is and what the question posed was for us to focus our Digital Artifact on. I gave positive reinforcement and pointed out all of the successful things that the projects had going for them. I did not do any independent research to give them on their subjects, even if some of them were lacking background research but did suggest that they look into academic sources regarding their DA themselves. My comments were on the shorter end and providing some background research would have provided the poster some extra assistance.


I gave all of the posters individual suggestions on how to work with their project going forward. I believe that my suggestions did a good job of following the poster’s line of thinking about their interests and giving them my opinions on how to continue developing an interesting DA. I could have provided more than one suggestion for each poster to give them more feedback to work with epically if they don’t like the one suggestion I gave them. My suggestions themselves could have been more specific as well. Some of the pitches were rather broad and so I kept my suggestions rather broad as well. Having such broad topics, more specific, one-channel suggestions could have helped the posters zero in how exactly they want to address the future segments of 5, 10, and 20 years.


In each of my comments I spent a few sentences summarizing their pitch to ensure that we were both on the same page. I think it was effective to ensure that when reading my comments, they know what I think their DA is that is being pitched so they can understand where my comments and suggestions came from.


The more through the pitch was the easier it was to give feedback on their presentation and help give them suggestions and comments on how to produce their best version of the DA that they can. I found it difficult on the broader, less informed pitches to fully understand what was being pitched and how to constructively help the poster continue to develop their thoughts and ideas.


Overall, I think that my comments successfully reminded the posters of the marking criteria for the DA and reminded them to continue thinking on the path of how their topic will look at the future 5, 10, and 20 years from now. While I gave suggestions, I could have given more than a single one per post and done some of my own background research to help the posters get a broader range of information.





DA: Devin Winnie

For my digital artifact, I will be using my nature Instagram to look at the effects that global warming has on the environment. With an increase of over 1 centigrade in both the oceans and atmosphere entire biospheres have been devastated. Coral reefs are being killed off from heat exhaustion and polar bears only natural habitat is melting. The earth is on a current trajectory of being intolerably hot for human life by 2045 due to an increase of C02 emissions warming the planet. However, it is not too late. If an effort is made by all nations of the world to suppress emissions climate destabilisation can be slowed.