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DA Pitch Comment Review & Reflection (Part 2)

Ray Nguyen

Continued on my assessment in BCM325 – Future Cultures, I was tasked to review and give feedback on another three of my peers’ pitch presentations for their Digital Artefact (DA) project. During the process of giving feedback, I found myself spending much time considering how to comment constructively. Speaking an emotive mother tongue, I am aware that my careless word usage can result in offending people. Therefore, I am very self-conscious when giving feedback to my peers.

To look into my contribution to my peers’ pitch presentations, I present my critical self-reflection of my comments on three DA pitches below.

Pitch 1: Future of Human Lifestyle

Desmon’s original DA topic was about the future of communication. However, some of his feedback suggested that he could narrow his topic down as it was too broad. For that reason, now he decides to focus on the future of the convenience of human lifestyle.

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BCM325 Live Tweeting Self-Reflection (Part 2)

Ray Nguyen

Continued on my previous live-tweeting experience, I would like to reflect on what I have achieved over the past 5 weeks in BCM325. This time, I was still tasked to conduct live tweeting for the screenings in weeks 8 to 12.

Here are some of my most prominent tweets and interactions:

Taking the feedback I received from the first live-tweeting assessment, I plan to gather more findings of further research related to the screenings this time. It amazed to me that the interaction I received when I first shared a research article was also the highest amongst all tweets so far…

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D.A Beta: The Future Of Marketing

Ray Nguyen

Continued on my original concept in my project pitch, my Digital Artefact was originally a series of video blogs on Youtube in which I share some of my predictions about the future of marketing. However, after uploading my first video on Youtube, there were not many engagements.

Therefore, I decided to transition from Youtube to Instagram while maintaining the same concept. One of the reason why I choose Instagram is that, the limit duration of Instagram video is only 1 minute and Instagrammers also prefer shorter videos and content compared to Youtubers (O’neil 2019). I can take this an advantage as I can save a lot of time on the editing process, hence eliminates the difficulty with time management.

Besides, Instagram also have different features that I can use to approach audience, including stories, live videos and ads (Milner & Fennell 2018). Moreover, we are more likely to remember…

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DA Pitch Comment Review & Reflection

Ray Nguyen

Lang (2012) stated that feedback is “the cheapest, most powerful, yet, most under used management tool that we have at our disposal”. Feedback is powerful because it enables the receiver to get back on track and it serves as a guide to assist them to know how they and others perceive their current performance.

In the case of my assessment in BCM325 – Future Cultures, I was tasked to review and give feedback on three of my peers’ pitch presentations for their Digital Artefact (DA) project and the feedback I give to and receive from my peers is essential in the curation progress of our projects.

Our DA projects focus on addressing the future cultures. It always amazes me to observe all the critical-thinking skills shown in my Australian peers’ comments, which is not common among Asian students like me. Through my comments, I attempted to identify the strong and weak points…

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BCM325 Live Tweeting Self-Reflection

Ray Nguyen


Over the first six weeks in BCM325 – Future Culture seminar, I have been experiencing live-tweeting.

Live-tweeting is not something new to me. In fact, I already experienced live-tweeting activity in BCM320 seminar last semester. However, the first week of live tweeting was a real struggle for some of my peers due to lack of regular tweeting or experience in live-tweeting, which is also my struggle in the first week of BCM320.

For those who do not know yet, live-tweeting is posting comments about a certain event on Twitter while the event is taking place, with the use of hashtags. One of the key benefits of live-tweeting is the interaction it generates during the event. During the weekly screenings in BCM325, I was tasked to watch a different film each week while live-tweeting my opinions or sharing any information that I have about the film. By doing this, I…

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D.A Pitch: The Future of Marketing

Ray Nguyen

For my digital artefact in BCM325 class,  I want to predict the future of marketing based on current trends and technology.

Marketing is constantly evolving itself and shaping the future of business as it helps organizations to reach prospective customers faster and in a more efficient way.

This digital artifact is relevant to the future as digital technologies and social media are increasing in popularity and the need for applying new digital tools in doing business is growing rapidly.

For this project, I will be making a series of vlogs, each of which will be talking about a specific piece of technology or trend that is changing the marketing industry. Generally, I will be speaking about my personal reflections of where the internet and digital marketing have been, are at today, and where it is all going. Each video would be about 5-10 minutes long on average.

Thank you and…

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