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Currently studying Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies/ Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Wollongong. I enjoy travel and aspire to work overseas after completing university.

Will Drones Rule our Future?

Edwina Jones

Drones are now becoming popular within our society, with drones becoming cheaper and with better cameras they are becoming more accessible. This is changing the face of the tech front and this poses many questions about how drones should be used within our society.

I have become one of the many owners of a drone and this has led me to asking many questions about how these drones should be used within our society, and also how our law enforcement agencies are using this technology and whether it is a positive thing for society. I also wanted to look into what the negatives of these drones of these drones on our society are.

I began this journey with a fun video I made of teaching my family how to fly a drone. See here:

You can see that drones can be a lot of fun when used correctly and with…

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Policing Drones

Edwina Jones

As with the coming of each new technology, comes the newest moral panic. This is certainly no different when it comes to societies reactions to Drones or otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). In my last blog, How to Drones 101, I briefly discussed how drones might/are impacting on Australian society. This blog will look deeper into how drones are impacting on policing and military.

The use of drones for crime fighting sounds like a positive situation, but according to many civil activists and media professionals, this may not be for the overall benefit for society.

Here are the benefits of police using drones:

  • Spy on bikie fortresses
  • Find drug crops
  • Gather intelligence without putting officers at risk
  • Local people on the ground during search and rescue operations
  • Transmit GPS coordinates back to operators during fires
  • Collect images of an accident scene quickly after incident
  • and many more

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Live Tweeting the Future

Edwina Jones

Welcome to my Twitter!

I’m going to take you in depth into my Twitter contributions from the past few months live tweetings of digital culture films that I have been enjoying with in my university Future Cultures class. In this subject, we examine the representation and realities of current and future digital cultures (Moore, 2018). See the class blog here where you can read all about what we have been individually researching into digital culture sphere.

To give some background information into what this blog will be about, we used Twitter with the hashtag #BCM325 to contribute and interact with each other whilst viewing a film related to Future Cultures. We were encouraged to create deep insight into the film based on our digital knowledge, but also interact with other students to discuss the films and topics of the movies we were viewing.

Considering live tweeting is on…

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How to Drone 101

Edwina Jones

It’s Christmas morning, and the whole family is opening their presents. I’m sitting next to my brother, and he hands me my gift.

I open it and laugh.

He has bought me this….

IMG_1124.JPG Me looking Perplexed, 2018

A selfie drone!

I have never owned a drone and have no idea how to operate one.

So naturally a few hours later after a heavy lunch and some beverages, we headed down the paddock to try out my new toy.

It was a disaster!

My brother took the first flight which almost ended with the drone being lost in the creek.

After that, I attempted a few more flights, but none successfully…

Here is a photo I took with the Selfie Drone, note it is not flying. This was the best job I could manage.

IMG_1122 3.JPG No Idea How To Use This Thing, 2018

Until now…

My aim of the semester, is to…

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