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06/ A peak into the future; what do you think?

Emily G.

As this semester comes to an end, all our assessments come to approach us. Most peoples digital artefacts are almost completed, as I reviewed three other students process and tried to give them some feedback! See below-

Nyssa: Fictional Dystopian Futures
Nyssa uses her current blog and audience to build upon three 3 separate blog posts about the insertion of technology (micro chips, nano chips and potentially the removal of these) within a 5, 10 and 50+ year time frame.

I was able to find and provide her a link to a resource that The Conversation posted to perhaps allow her to get another perspective on the implications with micro-chipping humans. She also mentioned in her beta pitch video how she had struggled to build engagement within her blog, as I suggested she try promoting it through Reddit to possibly lure in her audience from there. I was intrigued with…

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05/ My love-hate Relationship

Emily G.

I definitely have a love-hate relationship with live-tweeting. The sci-fi/futuristic genre I really love watching and seeing what others thoughts are as the movie plays, but it’s still hard for me to concentrate on what’s going on in the screening, researching the film, tweeting and engaging with others. Second part of the semester went something like this..

Week 8- I, Robot
This week was probably one of the worst for me- in terms of tweeting and engaging with others! The screening was easily in the top of the movies we’ve screened, and I think I got too distracted watching I was forgetting to go on twitter.
I would post some remarks about specific scenes and jumped back on when I had a question/when I was confused-

Looking back,  I knew I needed to start linking sources and contributing to discussions throughout the next coming weeks…

Week 9- Robot and Frank

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04/ Beta Pitch: The Land of Make Believe

Emily G.

Continuation of my initial pitch, this video provides my progress on my podcast series, The Land of Make Believe and any iterations, changes and type of engagement I’ve had.

Episode 1 has officially been published through Soundcloud, as I have been promoting and receiving a type of feedback loop from Reddit, Twitter and my blog posts.

Reflecting back, I will start using and embedding my episodes onto my blog posts, so I can provide a brief context of the topic & themes as well as continuing to utilise mentioned social media platforms to increase my engagement.

I will aim to have a max of 5 episodes published, although all varying from 8-18minutes long, depending.

Take a look at beta pitch below-

-Emily G.

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03/ I’m not trying to be rude

Emily G.

Leaving constructive feedback on each others digital artefact pitches and ideas really helps us all think more critically about our work.

Abby’s video focused on the future of influencer marketing as she’ll be using podcasts (like myself) to articulate her thoughts and make predictions on whats to come for social media influencers and YouTubers. Though she did note she will be aiming to have three episodes out, I questioned how long she intended to make them and also thought it might be a good idea to bring a guests with her to get another perspective on the topic, which I think will also help increase engagement. I prompted her to overlay a voiceover to her beta pitch thats coming up, which will make her pitch more effective to us as a audience. Reflecting back, I should have done more research and helped her get some articles on the effectiveness influencer…

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02/ Someone say multi-tasking?

Emily G.

I think live-tweeting is something I’ve learned to love as we would spend a whole semester watching movies and interacting through one another on twitter. Just the main struggle I have with it, is multi-tasking! There would be times where I would tweet, put my phone down and actually pay attention to the screening, but then I remembered that Im not interacting with other peoples tweets and missing out on the real fun! Below, I will analyse and reflect on my different type of tweets week by week and note any factors I can work on-

Week 1- Metropolis 1927/ Memes
The most reactions for any of my tweets so far, came from our first screening- Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 6.17.31 pm.png

When I have no sense of the film and storyline (even AFTER researching it), I made quite a few memes, which I found got the most retweets/likes. The only problem with this, is…

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01/ D.A Pitch: Future Cultures

Emily G.

Artificial intelligence, space, technology, teleportation?

What does the future have in store for humanity?

I am way too interested in many topics about the future to just focus on one in detail!

My digital artefact idea is to make a series of podcasts/videos that will have a different theme each episode. I will get a guest for every new week and talk about a specific theme and base it on the future- making our own predictions and researching work that can link to it (A.I, gene modification, society, planets etc.).
Have a look below of my idea-

-Emily G.

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