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Our dystopian future – Through the Looking Glass

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‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a three-part podcast that discusses the techno-paranoia observed in particular Black Mirror episodes. I address the future in all three episodes and explore some technologies that are being created today that have similarities to those in Black Mirror. The idea was to recognise how we as humans have become dependent on mass communication tools and question if this series has in fact, predicted the future; in particular the possible dystopia in a modern world. Almost every episode ends to prove the dark side of technology, Brooker warns us on the effects these technological developments could have on our society. To prove his views, I provide real life observations and equipment being created, that are similar to those in the show.

In order to produce the content for my podcasts, I used a ‘Rode’ microphone connected to my phone and edited the recordings using Adobe Premiere…

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This Beta be good

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  • Nathan Rathsam- Podcast with creatives

Nathan’s digital artefact is a podcast series involving discussions with ‘creatives’ from different industries. He has effectively created conversation through his first podcast as they consider how the individual’s workplace will progress in the future, along with educating his audience on the particular area the interviewee is in.

I had a few suggestions for Nathan’s podcast as I feel he could continue this DA outside of the subject. I provided him with podcasts I have found that relate to his topic of interest and also offered some ways on how he could gain a larger audience to listen and those interested in joining his podcasts.

You can find my comment on Nathan’s Beta, here.

  • Nothando Moyo- The Migrant Diaries

Nothando is exploring the stories of migrants as she continues her previous Digital Artefact from another BCM subject. I was able to understand her project easily…

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I’m definitely getting better at this Live Tweeting thing (I think)

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In my last post about my first live tweeting experience in BCM325, I mainly stated how each week, it was difficult for me to join in on discussions provided by my peers in the subject. Even though my original tweets were getting more attention with the use of GIFs and memes, I decided to buckle down and start discussing the importance of these films and why in fact we were watching them.

Week 8- I, Robot

This week, I commented on a tweet to start a conversation however, it didn’t seem to go anywhere, and it was only after the class I realised it was not much effort on my behalf or my tweets just stated my thoughts instead of asking direct questions.

And yet, I am still gaining more likes and retweets through my GIFs rather than my written thoughts.

I, Robot Giph – GIF

Week 9- Robot and Frank


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Through the Looking Glass: Beta Presentation

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Since my pitch, the concept of my digital artefact has not changed. I have stuck with my original idea and put it to action by uploading my first episode on the ‘Through the Looking Glass’ podcast. This podcast has motivated me to narrow my focus on the topic and continue to compare the technology in Brooker’s Black Mirror series to the advancements made in our society.

With the feedback from my pitch presentation, I have been able to focus on my research through academic articles and have a clear understanding of what I need to talk about more specifically in my upcoming podcasts.

Resource used:

Altunay, M.C. and Askan, H, 2018. ‘Dystopia on Television: Black Mirror’, Anadolu University

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Pitch (Perfect) Reviews

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  • Marcus Lazarevski – @Qantasdaily

Marcus’ pitch discussed his idea to continue his previous digital artefact and adapt it to the Future Cultures subject. He shares content from his workplace, (Qantas) as a ground crew member at Sydney Airport.

My review on this pitch was to mainly give suggestions on how he could use the ‘future’ theme for this task and explore it more. There was a lack of discussion on the future which was surprising to me as majority of the project is done. It is such an interesting idea, but he needs to do a lot more research and have an idea on how he is going to actually adapt to the ‘future.’ My comments provided links to different Instagram pages from all around the world that had a similar idea to Marcus’ which will hopefully give him some inspiration for his posts. As I read back at his…

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I thought I’d be better at this live tweeting thing

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Week 1: Metropolis (1927)

The first film we watched for the semester was Metropolis (1927). I had never seen this film but I had heard of it. Initially, I was a little bit worried about watching a silent film, getting my tweets in and actually understanding what was happening in the film but if I did miss anything, someone was tweeting about it.

My tweets start out a lot better than I thought they would, getting back into using Twitter after the semester break. There is some engagement, more from the class on my posts than my opinions on other’s posts.

Tweet including a GIF:

Metropolis 3 Wizard of Oz

Week 2: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This week I got a lot more attraction for a couple of my tweets. One including a meme that I made in relation to the soundtrack which I thought may get more likes, due to our generation’s…

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Digital Artefact Pitch

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My digital artefact will consist of 3 podcasts of me exploring different episodes of Black Mirror and discussing the techno-paranoia throughout. Depending on the episodes chosen, I will address the advanced technology used and how this has created a disturbing future with a particularly familiar past.

Each episode is constantly unpredictable and the digital technology is daunting to it’s audience, this will allow me to discuss questions like: Has Black Mirror predicted the future? Will the technology from the show actually exist? What have humans already started to create that is revealed in this show? Society is now shaped around technology and it is something that will continue to grow; I intend to inform my audience about this.

Hill, D 2017, ‘Black Mirror’, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, vol. 36, no.2, pp. 35-87

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