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Just give me a HD



Through the second portion of my live Tweeting that spans from week six to twelve, I have attempted to share knowledgeable and intellectually beneficial Tweets and interactions in regards to the films that I have watched and researched in class. In sharing additional research, I have also benefited immensely from the increase in my knowledge and the ability to distinguish the level of social utility a Tweet or interaction withholds. 

The first Tweet I’m introducing doesn’t reference a physical part of the film, but rather a concept that I have delved into further than what the film gives its audience. That particular concept is the connection between the elderly and change. Through research, I found an article that expressed relevant results to the main character of the film and due to having the question of why do old people not like change? bouncing around in my head, I thought it…

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Elena Bozic- UOW Creative Internship:

Within Elena’s digital artefact beta, she takes us on the journey of her internship at UOW Creative. She speaks about the skills she has had to adapt and develop in order to broaden the following and interactions of the UOW Creative social media accounts, and the learning process she has gone through. 

I wanted to use my comment on Elena’s beta to provide a source of education and further insight into the path she was already walking on. I linked her two separate sources; one being a link to how other brands have successfully used the platform Tik Tok to promote their business, and the second link being an article on the marketing technique called the “honeycomb model” that is specifically created for use with social media. 

Elena utilizes various social media platforms both in a personal and professional setting, and the goal of the…

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Adonis- The Future of Gaming BETA


Welcome to the BETA portion of Adonis!

In all honesty, I think this is the most beneficial digital artefact that I have participated in within all my years studying at University and this is mostly due to how interested I am in gaming, as well as the feedback contribution i’ve had to it.

I am looking forward to the future of Adonis, and I would love any additional feedback or suggestions that you could offer me.


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Curation of Tweets PT1


I found a common denominator when it came to how my peers started off their Tweeting. Most would post a variation of the cast, producer, director, year and a brief summary of the film. This is fine when trying to educate your audience and give context, but when the majority of the class is already clogging up the homepage with similar variations, my addition of the same thing is virtually useless. In saying that, I veered far away from a lot of what was already being shared and posted on Twitter. 

I had various techniques going into the Tweeting portion of this task:

  1. Questions. 

Asking questions leaves the space for viewers to interact with me first, rather than vice versa. It opens up the ability for deeper conversation and joint opinions that can bounce of each other and offer additional perspectives. I wanted to broaden my understanding of a…

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Pitch Reviewing


One of the most important parts of the iteration process is the collaboration that one has with its viewers/consumers. I wanted my comments on fellow peers’ digital artefacts to be useful and beneficial to their overall progression. Below are the three digital artefacts I have commented on and a brief overview of their ideas and the information that I presented to them. 
Bennett Parkinson: The Little Fellas Project 

Available at:

The Little Fellas Project is a collaborative digital artefact in which Bennett will promote other people/brands, and he will do the same via video. 

In all honesty, Bennett’s DA video was quite brief and what he did talk about, I knew really nothing about on a deeper level. So to deepen my own understanding and to be able to assist Bennett with my comment, I decided to research his overall goal, which is what I found to be…

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Adonis- The future of Gaming #bcm325


I started thinking of ideas for a digital artefact by listing the things I enjoyed doing, and then out of those things, I thought of what I could change to make better for the future.

And I concluded with gaming. YAY!

I’ve always been a console gamer, but i’ve had many opportunities where I stop and think of how much plastic i’m unwrapping when opening a new game, or wondering why all games simple can’t be on all consoles. There will be no Playstation v Xbox v PC rivalry. And you don’t have to go and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a Playstation console if you want to play The Last of Us but you only have an Xbox.

I knew in a second that changing those things that i’ve been so accustomed to would change my life in a heartbeat, so of course it would change the…

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