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BCM 325 final project

The concepts in my final digital artefacts and original ideas are not much different. At the time, I made some changes to my plan based on feedback from my tutor and my peers after the first DA project presentation, from researching artificial intelligence announcers to studying and writing robots.
Machine writing dates back to the 1950s. The machine was just used to translate and study the text at that time. Until the 1970s, the expansion of computer technology applications led to the study of machine writing in other fields, such as using machine writing to generate description texts in games, and scholars began to try to create isolated sentences. In the 1980s, machine writing technology was developed by leaps and bounds, and gradually applied to the generation of paragraphs and chapters. With the development of advanced technology, by the beginning of the 21st century, machine writing technology is mature, and many fields have begun to independently develop and use robot writing systems including the news industry (Li et al. 2018). From a world perspective, the widespread use of writing robots has led to the development of journalism around the world. According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the Los Angeles Times has been automated writing report since the earthquake in 2014. An agency in the Netherlands uses an intelligent algorithm to write simple language stories for children’s news lines. Tencent, the Chinese technology giant, has demonstrated a system that can automatically write about voice reports. The Chinese national news agency, Xinhua News Agency, is also increasing the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace (Baraniuk 2018). My methodology is mainly based on a large amount of reading news and academic articles. I didn’t do the survey because I think there are many limitations to this type of survey. For example, the options are very rigid. This does not apply to the ideas of each participant.
Moreover, the problems I studied were more esoteric, so I chose to summarize the opinions published by the experts in the media area on the Internet about writing robots and intelligent algorithm writing. Fanta (2017) said in the article that today’s news automation is not automated. Such applications suffer from many drawbacks such as limited data access, inadequate technology, and different cultural restrictions in newsrooms. So he believes that in the future, the development of writing robots should focus on improving the ability of intelligent systems to generate data and the ability to make natural language automatically.
I think the strong point of this project is that through the research we know that the future news industry will still have jobs for media students, and We don’t have to panic for future replacements with robots. The limitation of the investigation is that it is now in the period when artificial intelligence is just beginning to develop, and many things are unpredictable. And for my entire work, the scope of the study is narrow. Because I only focus on human editing will not be replaced, but there are still many positions in the news industry to be studied.
1. 李凌云、闫敏、任皓:《新闻自动写作若干技术研究》,人民网,2018年2月12日
Li, L. Yan, M. & Ren, H. 2018,’ Research on Several Techniques of News Automatic Writing’, People’s Daily Online, 12 February, accessed 4 June 2019,

2. Baraniuk, C. 2018, ‘Would you care if this feature had been written by a robot?’, BBC News, 30 January, accessed 6 June 2019,

3. Alexander, F. (2017), ‘Putting Europe’s Robots on the Map: Automated journalism in news agencies’, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, pp.1-21

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There is no doubt that the development of technology has and will continue to change our lives profoundly. In the era of information overload, we are not looking for information, but the information is surrounding or even drowning us. Writing robots, algorithm recommendations, robot anchors, these seemingly “futuristic technology” concepts have appeared more and more frequent in people’s field of vision in recent years. It can be said that this is the best era for the development of the media industry and also the worst age. This will continue to affect journalism as the external environment continues to change. However, media workers are starting to get nervous, and the students who want to work in the newsroom are confused about their future.

The question “Is the robot used to help news editors or to replace them” has become a topic of public discussion in the news industry in recent times…

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Reflection of the comments

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I think these three students all have complete schedules. Each of them listened to the suggestions made by the last peer review and made appropriate changes. I think this is good.

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Nicole’s DA concept is about narrative stories. Through the translation of the story wrote by Nicole(the purpose of the translation is to let me better understand her writing style and the construction of the article), I found her language style similar to the writing style I wrote in my native language. The anthropomorphic and metaphor are used to make the article more vivid. At the same time, I also praised her writing style because this writing technique can resonate with the audience, and it is easier to bring the audience into her own stories. Because Nicole’s readers are mostly from Australia and a small part of Canada, she intends to focus on these two places. Although this is true…

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Reflection on live tweeting.

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This article is a summary and self-reflection of my Twitter postings in the last five weeks. The first thing I want to say is that I think the number of Tweets sent in the previous few weeks is not as good as in past weeks. The movie story of the last few weeks attracted me so much that sometimes I focused too much on watching movies and forgot to send Twitter. Below, I will list the important tweets and interactions of each week, and then carry out the reflection and summary.

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We were looking at I, Robot in that week. This is a straightforward film, and the content appeals to me. I think this film is a fable of the future of humankind and the end of the film is opening. And I shared an academic article this week to help students better understand the movie.

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The warm movie of…

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The Beta DA

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Through my background investigation of this topic and the three suggestions, I intend to discuss the AI in the news industry from another perspective. My new topic is about “Is the robot used to help news editors or to replace them during in 5 to 10 years?” I think this is a severe problem because the quality and authenticity of the report are essential to the people. We don’t want the government or media companies to publish some meaningless news to waste our time, even publish fake news to deceive the people. Regarding methodology, I don’t want to continue to use the questionnaire because most of the respondents told me that the questionnaire is too rigid. In week 9, I am going to use an interview to conduct an in-depth investigation. The findings are combined with academic articles to draw conclusions.


‘Artificial Intelligence can check the spread of…

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Reflection about comments

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The second blog is about suggestions I gave to the following three students’ pitch and how this affects my work in the following step.

In the three blogs, I first said that their topic was attractive to me. I am telling the truth because their three topics are fascinating and close to people’s lives. Yuanxin wrote about the development and impact of online virtual pets in the next 5 to 10 years, taking the Japanese Pokemon as an example. This topic also reminds me, when I first came to Australia, I felt so lonely that I wanted to have a pet to accompany me. Finally, I gave up on this idea for many reasons. I think Liam’s DA pitch is one of the most creative. First, she used artificial intelligence software to help her complete the presentation. I think this is an excellent opportunity for me because the topic I…

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Reflection of live tweeting(Post one)

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I have to say that live tweeting is an unprecedented experience for me. Because I never thought that there would be a class give us time to play twitter without a secret and communicate with the students online. In other words, this also reflects a development trend. The integration of advanced technology and class is also highlighting the meaning of the course “Future Culture”. Below, I will list the important tweets and interactions of each week in chronological order, and then carry out this week’s reflection and summary.

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In week one, I found that the scenes of Metropolis were built with real models, which made me feel very shocked and I think this is equally shocked to Nicole. Through Nicole’s comments, I learned that these models were hand built and not a machine built, which made me even more respect for the team that made the film.

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The tweet…

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DA Pitch: The future anchors

In this short video, I mainly focus on the relationship between journalism and the media. Replacing newspapers from radios and replacing radios with televisions, the online society now allows more people to choose to watch news reports via mobile phones or iPads. Recently, China’s newly developed AI synthetic news anchor can be said to go further into the future. At the same time, I also think that in the future, everyone might have a private virtual anchor. At the same time, I also believe that in the future, there will be a more advanced and more convenient medium or thing to help people watch the news. For example: a private virtual anchor.