The Concept of Sonar Reality

Brandon Cotter SONAR REALITY

Sonar Reality

Concept of Sonar Reality is the combination of Sonar and Virtual Reality. How
this Technology Works is using the Sonar waves which the implant will send out
allowing the waves to bounce back helping the person map out the surrounding
environment. Once the information is being received it will then be sent to the
brain and eye implants to help simulate and visualise the area. The Virtual
Reality aspect is then put into affect when the response of the brain triggers
the cornea to look for certain colours and shapes within the occupants glasses
which will map out the environment outside.

The process we are using for making and testing is using the same technology as the sonar implants that in society now, plus virtual reality technology and neurological technology that allows us too connect all sensory outputs to help the virtual process. Scholarly articles from Ludwig Wallmeier and…

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Beta Assessment: Task 1 part 2- Critical reflection of weekly Tweets

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Tweet Weekly Reflection:

From week 8 – 12 our class continued articulating and breaking down films that all have similar themes and meanings. As usual we were asked to engage with the class by live-tweeting (10) and making interactions (20). Our tutor encouraged us to find articles and media outlets beyond the films reactions we had to help further our analysis. So to prove that I have engaged in weekly classes here are my most prominent tweets and interactions in the class bcm325.

Week 8: I, Robot

week 8 screening of IRobot wasn’t my best week in terms of likes or interactions. My most liked tweets were actually facts from sources across the internet I found. Accumulating only 3 like between the pair it wasn’t a great week, however I still tried to provide the comments and reactions too tweets and relate back to the subject.  In particular this screening…

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Beta Assessment: Task1 part 2 Beta Comments

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Critical Reflection Beta:

So when I started to articulate my thoughts on my classmates Beta’s, I couldn’t help but think how great some of these DA are. I tried to do my best in giving some critical analysis but also being nice as well. I tried to find a crossroads between the two so the students would be able to take the comments as helpful feedback. With that being said, the entire beta comments I made I didn’t have critic that much. All of the betas were really strong and showed great evolution from their past comments.

When I looked at my comments for my feedback I was really surprised of the positive reaction I got for my beta.   All of comments were critically structured but most if all gave me an opportunity to see what I can do to improve in the areas for my final DA. After breaking…

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BCM325 Beta Vid

Brandon Cotters BETA

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BETA BCM325 PRESO from Brandon Cotter on Vimeo.

The Beta video above highlights how my DA has changed over the course of a few weeks. Making the iterations was essential so that I had the correct foundation for my video essay. I’m hoping explore the political, financial and ethic avenues of this technology. After doing further research I can see how in the next 5-10 years that the technology I’m researching today will be obsolete. So I have speculated how my DA might need gradual changes later on.

Right now I think my beta DA has included feedback into my iteration. Ill continues to give updates and speak to people about this rapidly growing technology.

Cant wait too see how my final DA will turnout in a few weeks.

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BCM325 PITCH: Sonar Reality — Film and media blog

This Assignment allowed me to explore the realm of Digital Artifacts. In Bcm325 we are asked to constantly think to the future, of how new technologies that could influence the future. Furthermore in this assignment we were asked to create a concept or idea that could potentially become our major Digital Artifacts in assessment 3. […]

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